Plant-based cholesterol aids pro-ageing moisturisation

The sterol cholesterol is among the most widely distributed, naturally occurring organic compounds in the animal kingdom.

Tea Wax: a unique wax for hair and skin properties

Camellia sinensisis a species of evergreen shrub whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea. It is of the genus Camellia of flowering plants in the family Theaceae.

Solving formulation problems with natural waxes

Formulating cosmetic and personal care products can be a very exciting and rewarding process. As with anything exciting and rewarding, it can also be very challenging at times.

Prevention of hair damage during multiple bleachings

FiberHance™ BM solution (INCI: hydroxypropyl gluconamide (and) hydroxypropyl ammonium gluconate) is a novel patent pending molecule that is proven to help prevent damage to hair during bleaching.
A deep dive into marine ingredients

A deep dive into marine ingredients

Exhibitions such as in-cosmetics Global are always excellent opportunities to discover new developments in ingredient technology and also speak with the experts behind them.

Sustainable fermented oat extract for a balanced skin

Oat extracts are extremely complex and made up of a multitude of biochemical components, and for many centuries oatmeal (Avena sativa) has been used to treat and soothe a variety of irritating skin conditions associated with dry sensitive skin, especially atopic dermatitis.
When less is more, effective and multifunctional

When less is more, effective and multifunctional

Clean beauty through minimalist formulas first seen in dermocosmetics brands, is now spreading to all segments, including luxury and masstige/mass market. Formulators are looking for multifunctional, ultraperforming and eco-responsible ingredients to overcome this new challenge.

Natural alternatives for retinoic-acid-like anti-ageing

Use of vitamin A derivatives - the retinoids - is common in cosmetic formulations targeting the anti-ageing area. While retinoid acid is banned in the European Union as a cosmetic ingredient, other retinoids such as retinol are permitted.
Five ways to make scents more exciting

Five ways to make scents more exciting

With fragrance sales flat in Europe and the US, brands are increasingly focused on being more innovative with visual formats and packaging, re-thinking the traditional to shake up the market and appeal to an appearance-driven Millennial and iGen audience.

Micellar water characterisation via laser light scattering

Micellar waters are the trendy new facial cleanser that boasts its ability to clean skin without irritation. We present results from dynamic light scattering (DLS), phase analysis light scattering (PALS), and microrheology measurements of commercial micellar water formulations using the Brookhaven Instruments NanoBrook Omni system.
Personal care that really makes a difference

Personal care that really makes a difference

The world’s population is facing many challenges, some environmental, some political, some technological and some physiological.
Return to Amsterdam hailed a success

Return to Amsterdam hailed a success

The 2018 edition of the event attracted 9,392 unique visitors, 7% more than last year’s show in London, with international attendance increasing by 19% to account for 88% of all visitors.

Continuous discovery of new possibilities

The personal care industry is on an eternal quest to discover things that are considered ‘new’. There is a constant state of churn, with different aspects of formulations targeted for change at different times.

Schisandra chinensis combats pollution-induced stress

The human skin, and mainly the upper layer of the epidermis, plays the role of a barrier, but is also one of the first and major targets of air pollutants, pollutants contributing to wrinkle and dark sports occurrence through the redox imbalance.

Urban pollution protection for beautiful, balanced skin

In our urbanised and industrialised environments, we are exposed to increasingly abundant environmental pollutants. Heavy metals, PAHs and aldehydes is just a short list of toxic compounds surrounding us, having detrimental effects on our skin and body, causing respiratory diseases, headaches, asthma and skin rashes, which are just a few health aspects to mention.

The secret of beautiful eyes investigated

The expression of the eyes determines the impression of someone’s face. For the appearance, many skin characteristics play a role. Low skin density, weak hydrolipid film, lack of drainage function and strong muscular stress are the main factors.

Horse chestnut flower extract redesigns eye contour

With time, the fragility of the skin around the eyes and its permanent motion favour the formation of wrinkles. These lines change how our expression is read, in particular under-eye wrinkles and the tear trough or valley of tears which give the face an impression of tiredness and sadness.
Nails: more than just skin extensions

Nails: more than just skin extensions

The horn-like envelopes covering the tips of our fingers and toes are called nails. They are highly specialised epidermal appendages. Finger- and toenails are made out of a tough fibrous protein, the alphakeratine. The nail consists of the nail plate, the nail matrix and the nail bed below it, and the grooves surrounding it.1

Bacterial skin microbiota/ microbiome investigation

Although Elie Metchnikoff, the discoverer of the phagocytosis, had formulated at the beginning of the 20th century the concept that some bacteria present in food, known today as probiotics, could have a positive effect on human health, bacteria present in humans were considered to be either causes of diseases or non-pathogens tolerated by the organism but devoid of any physiological activities of interest.
Advanced instrumentation optimises nail care products

Advanced instrumentation optimises nail care products

In a vast global cosmetics market forecast to reach US$ 675 billion by 2020,1 only the fittest can survive. That means outstanding consumer insight, creativity, constant NPD and a sharp focus on quality.

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