Taking a regenerative approach to hair growth

Hair loss is an issue that relates to both men and women of all ages.

Natural molecules to fight Asian hair exposome

Various hair treatments and environmental factors such as ultraviolet and pollution induce hair shaft damage. All these parameters refer to exposome.

Encapsulated CBD and pine extract for relaxed skin

Personal care products containing cannabidiol (CBD) have become extremely popular in the last few years.

Review continuity plans to enable K-Beauty/UK trade

Korean beauty (or K-beauty as it is often dubbed) has taken the globe by storm. Its secret to ‘looking as luminous as is humanly possible’ is now sought across the world, and the rise in K-beauty trends in the West over recent years has been rapid.

Mega trends shaping future of southeast Asian consumers

Megatrends are global and influential paradigm shifts that shape long term consumer behaviour. Euromonitor’s three key megatrends – Connected Consumers, Premiumisation, and Experience More manifest and impact consumer behaviour

Effects of hydrolysed jojoba esters on textured hair

The objective was to evaluate the hair conditioning benefits provided by Floraesters K-100® Jojoba [INCI: Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters (and) Jojoba Esters (and) Water (Aqua)], within a rinse-out hair conditioner, on textured and non-textured hair.

Illipe butter and protecting the rainforests of Borneo

When asked to think of natural butters for skin care, many people will first think of shea or cocoa. Illipe butter is much less well known, but is becoming increasingly popular.

Tripeptide complex for a range of anti-ageing targets

A topically applicable new tripeptide complex shows promising in vitro results as anti-ageing cosmetic and cosmeceutical ingredients against a variety of ageing factors.

Strengthen natural skin defences to fight skin ageing

Natpure Xtra Eternity, an active derived from ethically sourced cocoa bean, is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that acts through two distinct biological pathways to enhance skin smoothness, firmness, and hydration.

A novel hair conditioner that speaks to the consumer

Hair conditioners are used around the world to improve the feel, appearance and manageability of hair. While the performance of these products is a must, in the last few years, consumers have clamoured for more sustainable products.

Hair solution for full splits reparation

The hair care market is currently undergoing a real revolution as consumers continue clamouring for customised products that fit their own unique needs.

Analysing vitamin D and skin hydration

Over the past decade the world has gone through tremendous changes. The world’s population increasingly follows stricter and more frequent personal hygiene practices

Formulating sanitiser quickly, easily and compliantly

Hand sanitisers are designed to be an alternative to hand washing with water and surfactants — they reduce the viral and bacterial load on skin.

Ingredient data digitisation for product innovation

The lifecycle of beauty products is shorter than ever. New technologies and rapidly evolving consumer expectations have left many beauty brands unable to deliver products on the condensed timeline that the modern market demands

Mask formulations for the ‘spa at home’

In these unprecedented times with stress, anxiety and uncertainty surrounding us, we see an increased focus on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Preparing for the end of Brexit transition period

Since the infamous UK referendum in June 2016, there have been many question marks over Brexit. As deadlines came and went without agreements in place, the €78bn EU cosmetics and personal care industry were left confused.

Clinically supporting ‘antiage’ and ‘proage’ claims

Claims of personal care evolve following trends and various innovations in the field of active ingredient development, the finished product formulation and the way both are evaluated, demonstrating their performance.

The evolution of cosmetic butters: authenticity

It is important in the first instance to understand that the focus of this article is on what we classify as ‘true’, ‘authentic’ or ‘unadulterated’ butters in the personal care market.

Taking a regenerative approach to hair growth

Hair loss is an issue that relates to both men and women of all ages. Recent studies for hair growth are being conducted on dermal papilla and there have been several pathways that have been identified such as the Wnt signalling pathway.

Catering to the skin of Generation Z

Gen Z’ers range roughly between early puberty and 25 years of age, born between 1995 and 2007. They are an interesting and important demographic group, because they behave rather differently from older generations.