Unlocking the potential of plant-derived peptides

Vytrus Biotech has developed a 100% natural active ingredient derived from natural Centella peptides. This Centella asiatica product offers a range of benefits, including firming, anti-sagging, anti-wrinkles, reversion of cellular senescence, and the protection of telomeres

A novel transdermal EGF for skincare

Salnova Nutritec & Ingredients and Fujian Longsheng Biotechnology Co. explain the benefits of a novel transdermal epidermal growth factor, a fusion protein that can be absorbed through the skin, for skincare

Depigmenting potential of sulfur-containing peptides

French cosmetic active producer Silab has developed a natural depigmenting ingredient, rich in sulfur-containing peptides obtained from the yeast Ogataea siamensis through bioguiding biotechnological processes.

The past, present and future of peptides

Sophia Bull and Joan Attia of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics explain what peptides are, what they do, and then we will investigate why there is so much attention on them right now

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