Restoring healthy skin with marine cholesterol

Natura-Tec has developed a Nannochloropsis extract marine ingredient rich in phytocholesterol. This microalgae-derived active has been found to offer strong repairing and boosting properties for the skin barrier function

Novel Alteromonas for tackling wrinkles

LipoTrue describes a marine ingredient derived from a newly identified Alteromonas species (Alteromonas lipotrueae) that relaxes expression wrinkles acting along the three steps of neuromuscular communication

Unleashing the power of red grape algae

Taiwan outfit Giga Fine Chemical explains how red grape algae extract can effectively reduce redness, achieved by downregulating skin allergies and inflammatory responses

Nannoplankton bioactive for eye contour repair

MC Actives and Microalgae Solutions present a marine nannoplankton extract for eye contour repair. The bioactive molecules of this marine ingredient improve skin integrity by addressing the problems induced by the natural ageing process

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