Science of clear skin with high-tech chamomile

Ashland describes a biofunctional ingredient, which contains a high-tech chamomile extract, designed to clarify and smooth skin flaws impacted by environmental and lifestyle stress

Making sense of the anti-pollution segment

Shivani Bisht of market consultants ChemBizR runs the rule over anti-pollution products, which have grown significantly in recent years due to increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of various environmental contaminants

Protecting UV-exposed hair ceramide with oat oil

The hair shaft is composed of a cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cuticle is the outermost protective layer (consisting of overlapping scale-like cells) that provides the hair sensory and shine characteristics.

Microalgae: skin remedy for air pollution

Natura-Tec has developed an microalgae active ingredient derived from Pavlova lutheri that has been found to have strong protective action against pollution and environmental stress, while maintaining and restoring skin integrity and energetic metabolism

Anti-pollution efficacy of strawberry ingredient

Chiara Trabattoni of Esperis presents the promising results of in vitro studies of Strawberry Hormo Fruit - a concentrated juice, stabilized in glycerin. The studies demonstrate the benefits of the strawberry active ingredient in anti-pollution cosmetic products, where an antioxidant action is sought, together with a booster effect on cell vitality

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