Ingredients focus: eye area care

We have seen in recent years some exciting new ingredients that aim to improve the appearance of the eye area. This delicate area of the body can transform a person’s look, as it is in such a prominent position.

L-Cystine+L-Glutathione: efficacy for a bright innovation

Having a white skin is an extremely important element of the women’s beauty in Asian culture.

New ‘K-Beauty Inspiration Zone’ launching at show

With 2019 marking its 5th edition, incosmetics Korea returns from 26-28 June to celebrate the very best K-Beauty has to offer now and in the future.

Japan and Korea leading the way

With the world now focusing on the latest innovations from the ‘J-Beauty’ trend, it is fair to say the cosmetics industry in Asia has been stealing the limelight for many years now.

‘The Worldwide New Trend’ explored in Yokohama

Organised by the Federation of Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Associations and The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, the 9th CITE (Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition) will take place from 15-17 May at the Pacifico Yokohama.

Formulations for superfoods and customisable beauty

Superfoods and customisable beauty have been two of the key trends over the past year. The concept of superfoods has emerged from consumers’ growing interest in natural ingredients in all areas of the marketplace; food, clothing, as well as cosmetics.

Crocus sativusflower extract restores circadian rhythm

The Sun is known for its effects, often damaging, on the body but also on the cutaneous tissue. For this reason, photoprotection is one of the most important concerns of the cosmetic and personal care industry.

The hygge lifestyle: a craving for comfort

From interior design to home care and the world of fragrances: The Danish concept of hygge has been wholeheartedly embraced in nearly all areas of our lives.

Intelligent ageing repair with skin superfoods

The many environmental factors related to modern lifestyle generate a skin imbalance that leads to premature ageing. In this study, we evaluate the capacity of a new skin delivery system based on bicosomes (named bicosome-xanthin) to provide intense detox and revert the signs of ageing.

Natural micellar thickening with glutamate surfactants

Amino-acid based surfactants have been widely used in the last two decades in personal care products as well as in household, industrial and institutional cleaners due to a lot of advantages.

Formulation concepts for active people

Bespoke, personalised beauty products are set to be one of the biggest trends, as skin care, makeup and fragrance brands increasingly put the individual at the heart of what they do.

Expression lines targeted via both synaptic pathways

An excess of repeated contraction of the muscles involved in facial expressions results in the appearance of fine lines known as expression wrinkles.

Emotions to connect with consumers

Wellbeing is the experience of health, happiness, purpose, and prosperity; generally speaking it refers to the feeling of being well and full of positivity

Cannabis beauty products: a growing influence

With new superfoods emerging seemingly every week and pressure to find natural actives that deliver noticeable skin and hair benefits, one plant source has been overlooked in many regions because of its association with recreational drug use.

Syndet cleansing bars: the better ‘soap’?

Flashback to the 1930s: “The principal object of the invention is to provide a soap composition which is totally stable in the presence of hard water, strongly alkaline or acid waters, producing no insoluble precipitates whatever”.1

Changes in sun care: UV protection and beyond

Modern consumers lead busy lives and are becoming increasingly demanding of the products that they purchase. Although most consumers are aware that excessive sun exposure can be dangerous, everyday use of sunscreen products is often neglected.

Soothing effect dedicated to sensitive skin

The skin plays multiple roles of protection, perception, immunity, regulation of blood and lymphatic reservoir for the whole body. Thanks to several mechanical, chemical or biological (sebum, biofilm ...) reactions, the skin ensures its integrity according to the various endogenous or exogenous environmental variations. Today, the increase in the fragile phenomena of skin is a major issue in the development of dermo-cosmetics.

A personal Faraday shield for a radiant, high-tech world

Radiation outside the UV-range is one of the most unexplored threats for our skin. For sure, we protect ourselves against UV light but forget the high-energy visible light fraction.

Barrier repair activity of Elula Kalahari melon seed oil

Elula Kalahari Melon Seed Oil (Kupanda Ltd) from Citrullus lanatus(INCI: Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Seed Oil) originates from the western Kalahari region of Namibia and Botswana, where it can be found in the wild in a diversity of forms together with other Citrullus species (Fig 1). It is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, of which pumpkins and melons are widely known.

Haute couture for the skin delivers self-repair benefits

Rosaliss™ biofunctional is formulated by Ashland from the legendary Rosa centifolia. Also known as the rose of “100 petals,” its extract is obtained by plant small RNA technology, a unique patented novel green technology. With this new biofunctional, Ashland brings haute couture to the skin for flawless self-repair and healthy perfection.