COVER STORY: PinoPlexTM: the bio-inspired hair moisturizer

Beautiful, healthy-looking hair is characterized by an optimal moisture balance. Physical and chemical stress can damage the hair cuticles, causing them to protrude and act like an open door which leads to moisture loss. It is therefore crucial to restore and retain moisture in the damaged hair fibres.

Based on a bio-inspired concept, PinoPlex™ is an upcycling hair active that delivers excellent moisture, which not only penetrates the hair but is also successfully trapped inside by the smoothing of the cuticles. This makes the hair shinier and more resistant to daily stress.

PinoPlex™ was tested for its moisturizing effect on damaged hair. Compared to the untreated control, PinoPlex™ significantly increased the weight and thus the moisture content of the hair. Low-field nuclear magnetic resonance (LF-NMR) spectroscopy confirmed that PinoPlex™ increased water absorption into the damaged hair fibre and locks-in the moisture (Figure 1).

After daily application of PinoPlex™, a significant improvement in hair shine was observed. In tests performed on damaged hair to evaluate prevention of split ends, PinoPlex™ was able to reduce the formation of split ends by 25% compared to placebo.

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