Lipoid Kosmetik brews selection of tea-based ingredients

Lipoid Kosmetik has unveiled a selection of tea-inspired cosmetic extracts for various skin and hair care applications.

The Swiss firm says enjoying a cup of tea is a centuries old ritual that provides an opportunity to slow down, cultivate a sense of mindfulness, and overall promote self-care and wellbeing.

Various types of tea are associated with health benefits, from antioxidant protection to relaxation and digestive support.

In addition to its consumption as a healthy beverage, tea-inspired products are a huge market trend in the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Tea extracts fit the growing demand of natural ingredients, simultaneously combining skin and hair care benefits with a daily self-care ritual.

“We provide classical tea extracts known for their stimulating and antioxidative efficacies, caffeine-free tea extracts suited for relaxing and calming applications, as well as flower-based tea extracts perfectly suited for refreshing, vibrant and elegant beauty concepts,” said a spokeswoman.

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