in-cosmetics Global’s Innovation Zone: Oat BioBeads from Oat Cosmetics

Ahead of in-cosmetics Global, we shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative ingredients and formulas set to be on display at the show’s popular Innovation Zone, all of which will launch at the show or in the six months before.

Oat Cosmetics’ latest innovation is a natural, marine biodegradable microbead made with proven skin active, Oat COM (advanced colloidal oatmeal) that dissipates on contact with skin to deliver the benefits of Oats.

The ingredient delivers all the benefits of colloidal oatmeal, such as skin hydration and moisturization, in a bead.

The microbeads are natural and marine safe as they biodegrade over time, causing no harm to the environment. Oat BioBeads are a micro-plastic, globally accepted and approved alternative to environmentally harmful micro-plastics.

All this and more will be on show to inspire and educate R&D professionals on the latest ingredients coming to the cosmetic and personal care market. Visit for further information and to register online to gain free entry to the event.

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