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ROELMI HPC is the partner company to drive innovation in the Health & Personal Care markets.

ROELMI HPC is research, planning, development and production of functional, active and performance ingredients. These activities are possible thanks to cutting-edge technologies driven by innovation in the green chemistry and by the will of building perfect models of circular economy.

Thanks to its long experience, ROELMI HPC deals with the market by a scientific method based on recognized quality, passion, targeted research and tested solutions.

The main objective for ROELMI HPC is to create innovation following philosophies of respect for the environment, bio-diversity preservation and use of sustainable sources (NIP® PROGRAM – Nature is People).


We believe that only the daily action with respect for the Environment could lead to a durable result. Following this leitmotiv, represented by a drop in our corporate logo, we perform sustainable innovation: a real step forward on the sustainability road. Our NIP® program applies to all products and technologies, and it stands as a mission for every process focusing on Quality, People safety and Environment preservation.

In fact, we are approaching the future through innovation and evolution. We aim at protecting the value of Nature and People in product manufacturing. We care about the environmental impact of our productions by adopting eco-sustainable processes and renewable raw materials. We aim at keeping high quality standards as well as high efficacy.


The portfolio is developed through two main technologies: Biotech & Nature. The first one, Biotech, has been created by fine-tuning the standard fermentation process. In fact, the knowledge about bacteria and the common steps of the technologies brought to cutting-edge ingredients and multiple applications. The safety aspects of fermentation and the standardization of ingredients purity, keep maintaining high quality standards, assures innovative performances and brings the maximum of life creation into cosmetics. 2.0 Hyaluronans represent here the inner innovation for years. It means the invention of Full-spectrum Hyaluronans (PRINCIPHYAL® Line) where the focus is on the efficacy of a range of fractions working in synergy, just as naturally happens in our body.

Obtained from L. rhamnosus LRH020 specific strain, EquiBiotics® LRh helps to counteract the damage caused by aggressive multifactorial agent, strengthen natural skin defenses, prevent the pathogens colonization and provides a metabolic support to the physiological skin microbiota. As a last step in the R&D, the company has conceived Ener-GY plus, a cellular energizer, designed to optimize mitochondrial activation, able to increase ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) neo synthesis and decrease the cellular senescence by promoting a high cellular vitality and responsiveness.


The second one, Natural technology, includes soft methodologies whose first aim is nature’s respect, followed by the recreation of nature within active and functional ingredients. The integrity of the plant comes first, followed by the integrality of plant compound inside ROELMI HPC ingredients. The real innovation of the products lies in the plant hidden inside them. The use of soft technologies like solvent-free techniques, physical steps (pressure, temperature, or mechanic action) do not alter natural molecules. We focus on biological efficacy, going beyond chemical composition. Biology completes chemistry: Nature’s active systems are based on synergic ranges of compounds, rather than the purity of a single active element, in line with circular economy model.

  • SYNERSHIELD® SUN: protection from sunburn’s damages and stresses caused by UV
  • SYNERSHIELD® PRO: anti-pollution activity, vs urban dust, blue rays and environmental stresses
  • BEAUTYSYN® BRIGHT: brightening activity
  • BEAUTYSYN® SLIM: reshaping effect
  • G2LIGHT: skin radiance
  • MERISTEM: lenitive effect
  • PHYTOSERENE: high quality β-sitosterol with strong activity in protecting the skin vs external aging agents and decreasing skin redness.
  • CERAFLUID®: antiaging fluid Ceramide-NP
  • SKINVEIL 500: skin protection
  • CYTOFRUIT® WATERS BIO99: 100% biologically active waters coming from non-edible fractions of Mediterranean fruits. Closer to cells’ physiology, they demonstrate protection ability of skin cell vs. environmental stresses and modulation of inflammation.


High-quality Olive fruits, coming from a transparent and traceable Italian supply chain. By isolating purified fractions, each element of the line results in such purity. The process of Olive fraction purification happens once they have already exited the agro-food production chain (e.g. surpluses, non-edible fractions, etc.), so they do not subtract food or land to people and minimize waste and by-products (Biorefinery concept).

OLIFEEL® SKIN: unique synergy between di- & tri-glycerides fractions of olive oil. Ideal to modulate and improve stability and emulsification, as well as carrying active and functional ingredients into the skin. 

OLIFEEL® PEARLS: innovative natural oil-phase gelling agent with stabilizing properties for any oil-containing formula. It is able to replace all synthetic and semi-synthetic gelling agents for lipophilic phases.

OLIFEEL® E-NAT WO: primary emulsifier systems for O/W and W/O formulas. Interesting sensorial profile and pleasant skin-feel, they are easy-to-formulate (no co-emulsifier needed).

OLIFEEL® GLOW: sensorial agent characterized by rich emolliency and remarkable texture, especially designed for mature skin.


EMotion & Celus-BI® results come from an innovative way of making cosmetic, with a natural background, but without any interference with the food supply chain.

By this way, it is possible to create ingredients without producing waste, aiming at an impact zero on the environment, instead of just a reduction of energy usage or pollutants emission.

EMOTION ESTERS: biodegradable esters. Ethical alternative to silicones. Proved performances in pigments and UV filters dispersion as well as formula texture improvement.

CELUS-BI® FEEL: biodegradable texturizers. Ideal alternative to plastic microbeads in leave-on products. Proved performances in formula stability and actives delivery. Soft focus and sebum control effect.

CELUS-BI® SPHERA: biodegradable scrubbing agent for face and body. Ideal alternative to plastic microbeads in rinse-off applications.


Starting from Sunflower Seed Oil (no GMO), the nature embraces innovation to create BeauSens® line.

BeauSens® line is more than a line of cosmetic ingredients; it concerns the result of a sustainable project that, working with the most advanced technologies, integrates the principles of green chemistry and ensures a low environmental impact.

  • BEAUSENS® AIR: natural derived emollient with extraordinary texturizing properties and evanescent feel. Ultra-light and dry skin feel emollient, particularly suitable for face, body and hair care applications. It represents the biodegradable alternative to light cosmetic emollients like silicones for specific applications
  • BEAUSENS® E-SF: primary emulsifier designed with excellent performance in formulating stable O/W emulsions with a pleasant touch. Its own easy-to-handle pearl form improves dosing precision. Excellent skin biocompatibility and pleasant skin feel with fresh and hydrated after feel
  • BEAUSENS® PG4: non-ionic mild surfactant for skin support. Unlike standard non-ionic surfactants, it is a concrete sustainable solution for various cosmetic formulas, especially for cleanser applications like micellar waters, intimate hygiene or makeup remover. A great mild surfactant with also remarkable solubilizing properties for making cosmetics formulas in the light of sustainability.


By guaranteeing efficacy, raw materials quality, constant care for best service, complete dossiers and testing.

Gradual steps of testing, indeed, allow us to design the perfect ingredient for a targeted application. The efficacy performances of each ingredient is investigated by in-vitro screening process and confirmed by in-vivo, ex-vivo tests and clinical trials. Through this process, safe and efficient ingredients (respecting our NIP® program) demonstrate a correlation between reproducible activity tests and actual measured physiological activity. It guarantees maximal safety, while keeping at the same time highest efficacy. It sustains and demonstrates efficacy performances while maintaining competitive formula costs.


Through the inspiring box, adopted by ROELMI HPC, where find cutting-edge experience at the service of Personal Care formulas. In fact, at ROELMI HPC, we aim for added value in creating sustainable partnerships with our customers.

Development and protection are here transformed in the innovative attitude able to help customers in transforming needs into safe & performing cosmetic formulas.

The inspiring box where INNOVATION, RESEARCH and PRODUCT are the essential pillars to be successful and supporting customers with a responsive approach.


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