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Boosting Repairtopic Treatment

In winter, this balm steals the show from other treatments. More nourishing and melting than a cream, it fills skin stressed by the fall of temperature thus facilitating cells cohesion of the stratum corneum and avoiding water loss and drying up. Natural BBB—Beauty Balm Base, with its smooth natural crystal network allows to incorporate some water in an anhydrous balm, increasing the moisturizing ability of the formula. Thanks to Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL, atopic skin can fight inflammation and be repaired. Thanks to Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL , this skin care formula goes further and helps repair atopic skin and fight inflammation.

Smooth Repairtopic Care

A rich body balm dedicated to the family to protect, nourish and sooth dehydrated skin. Its fast absorption leaves the skin soft with a very silky and non greasy after feel. Thanks to Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL, this intensive care product helps atopic skin to fight inflammation and recover a healthy hydrated condition.

Concept Cream

Lipoid Kosmetik AG
with LIPOID P 75-3

Blue Light Blocking Cream

Lipoid Kosmetik AG
with Carotolino and Mexican Arnica Pro

Night Revitaliser Gel

Revitalise your skin whilst you sleep . Enjoy a light, silky feel to your skin while you sleep. Using the Daily Matte Facial Cream in the morning and this facial gel in the evening, it provides a simple but effective hydrating skin care routine. With the new regulations coming into play to ban D4 and D5 silicones due to environmental concerns, this cyclic-free formulation provides all the assurance you need when bringing a safe, effective product to market.

Jarchemtm Intense Hydrating Serum

Jarchem Industries Inc.
Formula No. CMV02057

Jarchemtm Double Black Diamond Firming Clay Mask

Jarchem Industries Inc.
Formula No. AK01046

Golden Peeling Mask With AMBERSTEM™ With FRUITBIO™

This peeling mask cream offers the combination of Amberstem™ and Fruitbio™ to restore amber and radiant looking skin. Amberstem™ helps to correct skin pigmentation disorders and moisturises the skin to provide an even complexion while Fruitbio™ exfoliates surface cells to smooth and refine skin grain. Moonshine® pigments add a touch of fun to this peeling mask specifically developed for olive undertone skin. The emulsifiers Span™ 60 and Span™ 40 are perfect for acid PH creams and, combined with Crodamol™ ISIS that brings moisturising properties and Crodamol™ STS that offers a silky touch, provide a rich and creamy texture. This formulation could be Halal certified as only Halal approved ingredients are used.Fruitliquid™ Kumquat, a superfruit extract, adds a touch of energy and vitality while Phytolea™ Lemon and its natural vitamin C content acts as an astringent and refreshing agent. This acid pH mask cream will become an essential beauty treatment for olive skin that want to obtain a sun-kissed complexion.

Optiderm™ Remedy Lotion

Jeen International Corporation
3 Rs: Repair, Replenish, and Revitalize your skin with OptiDerm™ Remedy Lotion. This lightweight super soft everyday lotion is specifically formulated to repair and maintain optimal skin barrier function through incorporation of essential lipids and ceramides in an easy-to-use universal all-natural emulsifier.

Optiderm™ Remedy Cream

Jeen International Corporation
OptiDerm™ Remedy Cream is formulated with essential lipids and ceramides designed to repair and boost skin barrier function for a healthy vibrant skin. This lush velvety all natural cream delivers on moisturizing your skin while the multifunctional ingredients work on diminishing fine lines, dull and fatigued skin, loss of elasticity and overall signs of aging.

Lift Diamond Mask

The combination of functional ingredients in Lift Diamond Mask — including Hallstar’s natural active, LIFT Oléoactif® — helps skin fight visible signs of aging and increases hydration. Made with patented Oléo-éco-extraction green technology, the mask penetrates skin quickly. Biochemica® Camellia Tea Oil and Olivem® 2020 (Ethylhexyl Olivate) provide an elegant appearance, excellent spreadability, a unique skin feel and rejuvenating properties that leave skin feeling soft and deeply nourished. When exposed to light, you can perceive this functional formulation’s “holographic effect.” Clinical tests prove the mask’s multi-lifting efficacy, and in vivo trials demonstrate its hydration effect.

Scalp Treatment

Active Concepts S.r.l


Biesterfeld AG
▪ lip mask ▪ over-night treatment ▪ for perfectly smooth and cared lips ▪ deep moisturization ▪ non-sticky



Ultra Repair Face Serum

BRB International BV
Ultra Repair Face Serum is a light and fast absorbing formulation which used as a daily treatment for face.

Pollution Defence Pressed Serum With CITYSTEM™(*)

Weirdest. Texture. Ever. This emulsion is neither a cream nor a gel. It is a super concentrated serum that looks like a gel but which is rich like a cream. The special combination of Volarest™ FL, Viscoptima™SE and gelling agents create this special jelly texture. On your skin, it glided on smoothly, transforming into a velvety and fatty-like texture, and left the face feeling supple, but not oily or weighed down. And this pressed serum, manufactured with a cold process to preserve Energy of the Planet, features CITYSTEM™, a plant extract produced by an eco-designed process and dedicated to fight visible and invisible pollution damage of the skin. CITYSTEM™ protects, removes, strengthens and repairs the skin to leave it smooth and flawless. A touch of magic and wonder is also added to this formulation with Crodarom® Elfe Flower™, a perennial plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than a thousand years.

Tightening Serum Crème

KCC Beauty
The elastomer in this serum crème, SeraSilk® EL 64 gives the skin a luxurious feel, leaving it powdery soft. SeraSense® GB 12 aids skin smoothness and SeraSense® SF PTM helps the lotion to spread easily.


TRI-K Industries, Inc.