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Soft & Hydrating Body Lotion

Lipoid Kosmetik AG
with SLM Skin Lipid Matrix® technology and Hydro-Gain™

Intensive Skin Care Body Lotion

Lipoid Kosmetik AG
with LIPOID P 75-3 and PHOSAL® 40 IP

Shake, Shower & Shave

A 2-phase body cleanser with two distinct layers. A visually appealing, 2-phase body cleanser than can be also fit into the male grooming and baby category due to it’s mild nature. This ‘shake before use’ body cleanser creates mild foam and is suitable for all the family. This 2-phase body cleanser uses Iselux® LQ-CLR-SB, a unique surfactant from Innospec that is 80% naturally derived and offers gentle but effective cleansing. Formulated with mild, sulfate-free surfactants.

Luscious Lemon Jelly Wash

Fun, lemon jelly foaming cleanser for bath or shower. A sulfate-free, mild and gentle jelly texture body wash that has a luscious lemon scent, perfect if you desire a fun-to-use bath time or shower product. This formulation uses Pureact Gluco D which is a 100% naturally derived, sulfate-free surfactant. A thick jelly texture foaming shower gel featuring Pureact WS Conc and Pureact Gluco D with acrylate polymers to provide an unusual jelly texture with no pick up.

Natural Jet Setter Eco Wash

96% naturally derived and mild – ideal for skin. Formulated with sulfate-free ingredients this skin wash provides gentle cleansing and is mild to skin and eyes. The multi-functional properties make it suitable to be used as a hand wash, body wash or a facial wash making it a go to product when travelling. Just one body cleanser is needed in your travel bag.

Discover Green Body Cleanser

Be green with a >95% naturally derived product. This body cleanser promises mild, gentle cleansing and provides the ultimate, luxurious foam experience whilst taking care of the skin.

Shower Gel With Sunflower Oil Pearls

Worlee-Chemie GmbH
Shower gel with valuable sunflower oil pearls. WorléeAqua Thix 150 is a rheology modifier with efficient thickening and suspending properties

Fruity And Sensitive Exfoliating Shower Gel - Sulfate-Free

Worlee-Chemie GmbH
Crystal clear and fruity exfoliating shower gel with WorléeAqua Thix 100 as a rheology modifier with efficient thickening and suspending properties, even in sulfate- free surfactant formulations.


Adeka Corporation
Thanks to this Body Silk Spray the skin is protected and deeply hydrated by a synergistic blend of fresh tropical leaves. The skin is protected and deeply hydrated. Designed with ADEKA NOL GT-730 known for being lightweight, spray lotions apply evenly and deliver moisture to your skin without feeling greasy or heavy.


Biesterfeld AG
▪ PEG-free ▪ sulfate-free ▪ rich and creamy foam ▪ moisturizing

Citrus Essence Body Crème

This body crème contains no synthetic fragrances and derives its pleasant scent from Biochemica® Orange Butter and Biochemica® Tangerine Butter .


Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc.
An all natural body lotion that feels soft and elegant and leaves the skin smooth and moisturized.

Fragranced Body Lotion

Kobo Products Inc
This Fragranced Body Lotion with UV Protection uses Kobo's Titanium Dioxide Dispersion, OMP50T7,and Kobo's Zinc Oxide Dispersion,OMQP50XZ4 for UV protection. Sun Boost ATB™,which contains a proprietary ratio of anti-oxidants,anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents, helps boost SPF and PFA. Glycospheres, Gs-GT, Gs-VE, Gs-VA100C and GsPPY aid in skin whitening, cell turnover and acne control. Caresil PureF luids, high clarity purity silicones, [email protected] St delivers an emollient, silky feel with reduced tackiness that brings about high spreadability and compatibility. CXG-1104 is a silicone elastomer that provides a silky powdery feel without cyclics. KTZ®INTERFINEGOLD gives a luminous effect that shimmers.

Body Souffle

Jeen International Corporation
This truly unique texture will quench your skins thirst, leaving a smooth cushiony after feel. A cold process emulsion using Jeesperse CPW-CG-T-02

Body Butter

Jeen International Corporation
Cold Process body butter that leaves skin nourished and moisturized

Shimmering Body Cream

BRB International BV
Shimmering Body Cream is water-in-silicone emulsion which delivers hydration to skin. Shimmering Body Cream provides moisture and leave skin supple and smooth whilst quickly absorbing to help lock in hydration. The body shimmer’s reflecting light makes the small imperfections in the skin less noticeable.


Lamberti S.p.A
A very mild formulation, which does not contain EO derivates; the use of ESAFLOR BF7 guarantee the absence of boron. Vegetable butters provide smooth to the skin; the butter has a high spredability.


Lamberti S.p.A
VISCOLAM AT100P makes possible to generate an anhydrous gel, where the sticky/tacky properties of glycerin are really reduced.


Lamberti S.p.A
/this fluid emulsion provides moisture to the skin thanks to ESAFLOR EC4 skin conditioning properties. VISCOLAM AT100EF makes it possible to emulsify using a cold process. STEROL G/S and EUCAROL AGE/ET are “ecocert” ingredients.