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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Lamellar gel • Oil phase free • Cool and soft skin feel

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Cool and light texture • Slimming action • Ecocert registered ingredients > 99%

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Ultra-soft skin feel • 5-in-1 action • Paraben free
Moringa Butter Moisturizing Body Masque

Cargill Beauty

The following formula allows the formulator to vary sub-component phases that lend one or more aesthetic and performance characteristics. This chassis couples the wax-ester character of Floratech’s wide range of natural ingredients with traditional glycerides, fatty acids, poly alpha olefins, silicones, and silicone powders. By varying these sub-component phases, the formulator can match marketing needs for natural content with specific performance points for slip (silicones), longevity of wear (poly alpha olefins), moisturization (glycerin and Floraesters K-100 Jojoba synergy), and matte finish (Floralipids Moringa Butter).
Jeesperse ICE-T CARB-1 Body Cream J18-108

Jeen International Corporation

Jeesperse CPW-GCS-21 Body Cream J18-114B

Jeen International Corporation

SILKY BODY WASH With Liponate® SB-50 NO. 1768

Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc.

This rich and creamy formula contains the water dispersible emollient, Liponate® SB-50, to provide skin conditioning and a silky feel.
Rosemary Firming Gel

Alfa Chemicals Ltd

Nourishing Lotion

Alfa Chemicals Ltd

Body Shimmer

Alfa Chemicals Ltd

Youthful Body Gel

Alfa Chemicals Ltd

Tangerine Body Butter CPD093-12-18B

Hallstar Italia Srl

This luxuriously thick cream is quickly absorbed and does not feel greasy. Its updated formula includes Sensolene®, an olive-derived ingredient proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration. Packed with BioChemica Tangerine Butter™, this product creates a moisture barrier that ensures comfortable, soft skin and long-lasting hydration while relieving stress and anxiety through aromatherapy. Olivem® VS Feel increases consistency and texture while maintaining a pleasant sensory experience. Olivem® 1000, which acts as a biomimetic restructuring agent, restores the optimal integrity of the skin barrier function.
Creamy Body Wash

TRI-K Industries

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