Leading global suppliers gather in Bangkok

The 2019 in-cosmetics Asia came to a conclusion on 7 November after three days of discovery, innovation and networking at the BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand.

Trends and innovations in APAC’s hair care market

In a saturated global hair care market, companies and brands are striving to stand out by continually innovating—from overnight treatments, UV protection formulas, sensorial concepts using colour or sound, to products that bring greater convenience and those catering to the eco/natural movement.

Pollution protection from Rosmarinus officinalis

Air pollution undoubtedly harms the environment and human health. Pollution induced skin damage has only recently been addressed as reports have associated urban living with accelerated skin ageing.1

How can you deliver better hair styling products?

Consumers are intentional and personally invested in their hair care products. They expect outstanding sensorial results with reliable, long-lasting performance, and still demand affordability, convenience and multi-functionality for their daily routine.

Sustainable power food for you skin

A healthy lifestyle paired with an increasing awareness of the need for sustainable and responsible consumption of resources form part of the outlook of today’s consumers. They are in the know about health and ecological aspects of their nutrition and they place their trust in cosmetics that recalibrate skin processes in a way that the skin can help itself

Sweet almond oil and the future of ‘Clean Beauty’

Rising consumer awareness about the origin and purity of health and beauty care products has given way to the ‘clean beauty’ movement, one that prioritises natural, organic and plant-based ingredients and places a new emphasis on transparency in ingredient sourcing.

A melanin booster for healthy skin

For most people, a sun tan is a synonym of health and beauty. It has not been always like that, however. Since ancient times the idea of human beauty was a snow-white complexion.

Devices, data and formulations to conquer your environment

In 2019, we are now aware that eating well and exercising regularly are good for us and, in turn, for the condition of our skin.

Educating consumers on the benefits of silicones

Silicones have been one of the most widely used ingredients in the personal care industry, providing essential qualities to products for over 50 years.

Ingredients focus: the latest silicones

We sometimes forget how powerful our sense of touch is and how much information we glean from it. In an instant we determine temperature, viscosity, greasiness, and then match those sensory qualities to our own hierarchy of preferences.

Innovation through formulation: sea ingredients

Azelis is a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients present in over 40 countries across the globe. Corporate social responsibility is ingrained at the heart of Azelis.

Forty shades of green: the trends explained

Following the famous Irish song, we can close our eyes and picture a vast forest of cosmetic products on the market, a wooded landscape made up of many shades of green. Which one is the greenest?

Holistic approach protects and repairs against fatigue

Recently, it has been recognised that the cumulative action of repetitive small stresses encountered by hair during daily grooming practices is not only the cause of hair breakage but also of other forms of unwanted hair damage such as cuticle lifting and split-ends.

Testing trends in anti-pollution claims

The era of air pollution started a few decades ago. Pollution is now a major environmental risk to public health in the major megacities. Each week has its new information about peaks of polluted air in Europe, Asia or America

Regulatory update for the European Union

This article looks at the amendments that have been made to Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 between January and September 2019 and the amendments the European Commission intends to make to the regulation. It also briefly looks at the Glossary of Cosmetic Ingredient Names that replaces the inventory of ingredients.

Cosmetics claims and the consumer

Until very recently, in consumers’ eyes, advertising has been littered with irrelevant and incomprehensible images and statements (claims) that have little or no bearing on the product itself.

Non-nanometric mineral filter for water and oily phase

The sunlight spectrum is made up of UV , VIS and IR light (10, 40 and 50% respectively).1 UV light (100-400 nm) has the highest energy and is mostly absorbed by oxygen and the tropospheric ozone.

Green chemistry for high impact colour cosmetics

The rise of social media influencers and the emergence of the Clean Beauty lifestyle have converged, creating a colour cosmetics market that must deliver high impact and sensory stimulating products with ingredients consumers feel are healthy and safe.

Staying safe and carefree in the sun

Formulating high-SPF sunscreens represents a challenge for manufacturers: The large oil phase usually necessitated by UV filters that are oils or only soluble in oil tends to weigh down sunscreens, resulting in products that are inconvenient to apply and that leave an unpleasant feeling on the skin.

Can you meet the UV-blocking needs of Asia Pacific?

Consumer preferences in the global skin care industry have shifted over the years, placing equal importance on long-lasting duration, quality aesthetics and comfort of wear.