The leading consumer trends of 2020

Every year, Euromonitor International identifies emerging and fast-moving trends that we expect to gain traction in the year ahead. These trends provide insight into changing consumer values, exploring how consumer behavior is shifting and causing disruption for businesses globally.

Understanding botanical oils for cosmetics

Plants offer us plenty of beneficial substances for health and beauty, as supported by its ancient use. Scientific research allows identification of the active substances present in plants, proving their properties, and discovering new bioactivities

Actives fight exposome induced oxidative stress

Half of the worldwide population lives in cities and is exposed daily to urban pollution. Consequently, pollution has become a public health crisis. By 2030, the urban population will reach 60% and up to 70% by 2050.

Ingredients focus: hair growth and care products

Hair care products are an important cornerstone of the industry and have steadily become more aligned with the latest skin care market claims.

Designing a sustainable, silky, anti-pollution shield

Nano particles, heavy metals, UV rays and blue light are environmental factors that can stress the skin leading to a number of discomforts: chronic inflammation, hyper pigmented complexion and faster ageing.

Taking the sting out of mildness testing

Why does the industry need a new model to predict mildness to skin? In this article we will cover what the existing methods are and what their limitations might be, and also how we worked on those and optimised those to create a new model. The correlation between in vitro testing for skin irritation and in vivo testing for skin irritation. At the end of the article we will also offer some real world applications.

The natural choice for antimicrobial protection

Pressure from regulatory bodies around the world, especially in Europe, is forcing formulators of personal care and cosmetics products to select from a diminishing list of acceptable preservative chemistries.

Biotech design of a postbiotic tackling skin dryness

Over the past 10 years, scientists have made enormous progress in the understanding of the role of the microbial flora on health

Rebalancing microbiota ratios fights blemishes and dandruff

Microbial populations living on the skin surface play an important role in skin barrier function, and perturbation of the skin microbiota, or “dysbiosis”, is responsible for many skin conditions.

Makeup: challenging the final frontier

Given the scale of the cosmetics industry, it is incredible that it has become this size with large sections really only marketed towards 50% of the population. Male grooming was valued at $57.7billion (£44.6billion) in 2017 and is steadily growing according to Research and Markets.

Growing but slowing: men’s market still offers potential

Governed by a rising demand for personal care products tailored to men’s needs, the male grooming market continues on a growth trajectory, albeit at a slower pace. New product launches, continued subscription box services, aggressive marketing, and rising indies contribute to the growing yet slowing category.

Celebrating 30 years of innovation

in-cosmetics Global returns to Barcelona for its 30th birthday. Growth in the beauty and personal care industry reached a decade high last year and is set to continue unabated, according to Euromonitor

Balancing scientific integrity with consumer trends

The SCC’s 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase took place on December 17-18 at the Sheraton New York Times Square. This time of year sees the city at its best and most theatrical; a welcome opportunity for the cosmetics industry to get inspiration for glittering new concepts.

The future of bio-based polymers for hair care

It is no secret that the personal care industry is one of frequent change, largely due to shifts in consumer behaviour and trends; specifically, the hair styling market has evolved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of elaborate styles, requiring hard holding products to lock in the look that took several hours to create. There is now a rise in taking a much more minimalistic approach to hair styling.

The importance of marine sustainability

While sustainability in general has been a big focus for the personal care industry of late, perhaps the greatest surge has been with marine sustainability. We have become more aware of the extremely fragile ecosystems present in this environment and the impact industry has on them.

The measurable facts about skin colour

For more than 100 years, science has used various measures to classify humans into skin types, based on colour. History of these classifications is discussed - how they have been used and relied upon for not only placing humans in colour boxes, but also for decision making in clinical studies.

Lightening and moisturising efficacy from Stellaria media

Sunlight, artificial UV, pollution and stresses are all important factors that contribute to the inducement of skin pigmentation and skin dryness. Keratinocytes stressed by various stimuli send warning signals to melanocytes to protect skin cells, and despite protective mechanisms, this triggers melanogenesis and damages the skin’s natural barrier.

Autophagy as a new strategy to reduce pigmentation

Regulation of skin function and preservation of skin health are major targets in cosmetics. To achieve these goals, several strategies have been used i.e. activating cell signalling pathways, acting on epigenetic regulations, physically blocking external stresses... Among them, regulating autophagy appears a promising one.

New melanobreaker strategy for skin whitening

Science and new technology have made molecular data accessible and it is thanks to this informational context that we are able to identify the main players involved in the skin pigmentation process.

New Sustainability Zone takes centre stage

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi), one of China’s leading sourcing platforms for the global personal care industry, has revealed key highlights that will feature prominently at the next edition of the event, which will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) in China from 26-28 February 2020.