Mibelle unveils pine cone hair care active

Mibelle Biochemistry has launched PinoPlex, a hair care ingredient derived from pine cone.

As an upcycling product, the active is derived from pine cones (Pinus sylvestris) that are hand-collected in exceptional and carefully selected French forests. 

To obtain the valuable ingredients, a gentle, green, microwave-assisted extraction process was implemented.

PinoPlex is a powerful moisturizer for the hair shaft and can combat dry and damaged hair. 

It not only penetrates the hair, but also retains water by levelling out the hair cuticle, making the hair smoother and shinier.

This bioinspired ingredient prevents split ends and improves hair fibre integrity, making it more resistant to daily stress and breakage. 

It also supports keratinocyte differentiation in the hair matrix, which makes the hair grow healthier and stronger. 

PinoPlex is said to be an ideal ingredient for various hair care applications such as split-end menders, leave-in conditioning repair creams, and hydrating overnight leave-in conditioners.

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