Resilient skin from new moss-based active

Mibelle presented their new active ingredient, MossCellTec No. 1, at a special evening at the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam.

Dr Fred Zulli introduced the new moss-based active followed by a series of presentations from Prof Dr Ralf Reski, Professor of Plant Biotechnology, and Mibelle’s R&D manager, Dr Franziska Wandrey. 

Attendees learned the vital part moss has played in the evolution of life on Earth. Life evolved in fresh water, and moss helped organisms move from water to land, with their ability to take nutrients from rock and withstand freezing temperatures and UV radiation.

MossCellTec No. 1 maintains cell nucleus health, a completely novel anti-ageing concept. The cell nucleus contains the DNA, the blueprint of the cell and is therefore considered the control centre of the cell. In one cell, up to 5 million molecules are transported into and out of the nucleus every second. A timely transport of signalling molecules is crucial for the adaptation of cells to fast changes such as in temperature and humidity. As we age, the transport becomes less efficient and less selective which can lead to less resilient skin. 

MossCellTec No. 1 has been developed from an extract of the cells of the Physcomitrella patens moss. It is the first active ingredient on the market that is based on  bio technologically produced moss which is obtained in  a reproducible and sustainable way by tissue culture
The new ingredient significantly improves hydration, barrier and homogeneity of skin after just two weeks and ensures a more resilient skin.

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