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Natural Hair Sculpting Wax

Koster Keunen, LLC.

Formulating design and advantages: This all natural formula gives you a messy style with lots of texture. Bayberry Wax and NaturalAtum thicken the formula and condition the hair, while Kester Wax K-60P acts as a natural fixative to hold and style.
Sorbet Hair Paste

Koster Keunen, LLC.

Features • Orange Wax: provides beautiful color and odor, adds interest to the label. • Bayberry Wax: builds viscosity and adds body to the formula, adds interest to the label. • Kostol Natural E: all-natural emulsifier. • Kester Wax K-60P: provides a creamy texture and a glossy emulsion.
Enhance Your Shine Spray


See the difference in shine. Expect visible, immediate results. If your hair is looking a little dull, try this lightweight, silky shine spray for the ultimate transformation. Good for the environment With the new regulations coming into play to ban D4 and D5 silicones due to environmental concerns, this cyclic-free formulation provides all the assurance you need when bringing a safe, effective product to market.
Star Lord – Muddy Stardust | Hair Mud

Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

This interstellar, glossy hair mud allows to experiment with different hairstyles and is especially designed for medium hair length.
Instant Lift Hair Spray

TRI-K Industries

Web Effect Hair Wax

Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

This elastic shaping hair wax has a unique, sticky texture. Gives light hold allows to accentuate separate areas.

Lamberti S.p.A


Croda Europe Limited

Thanks to MiruStyleTM CP you can create perfect, long lasting curls with this fruity mousse. Adding strength to the hair is KeravisTM PE, whilst CutissentialTM 18-MEA 40 nourishes from root to tip. The creamy, yet stable foam has been created using CrodatericTM CAS 50 to leave a non-tacky feel on the hair.
Blow-Dry Defender Spritz

Croda Inc

This heat defending super spritz provides thermal activated protection against cuticle damage caused by blow-drying and styling thanks to Crodasone™ P which forms a protective film at the hair surface on drying. Hydrosativum P enables the hair to absorb moisture at low humidities and therefore maintains hair hydration during blow-drying. Extracts of pea and goji give this fruity spritz superfood defence.
Silicone-Free Hair Water

Cargill Beauty

This styling aid is designed to condition the hair and provide easy combing after use. The product is formulated with botanical ingredients derived from jojoba and high-oleic sunflower, providing a long lasting conditioning effect and excellent fragrance retention. Floraesters K-20W Jojoba contributes to improved shine, nourishment, and combability.
Brilliantly Clear Hair Gel

Cargill Beauty

A brilliant, clear hair gel that provides hold without sacrificing flexibility. This clear gel utilizes Floraesters K-20W Jojoba to impart shine, conditioning, and a degree of water resistance while acting as the neutralizer for the polymer system, thus forming a clear gel without the need for synthetic amines or metal hydroxides.
Natural Hair Pomade

Cargill Beauty

Floratech's Floraesters 70 adds structure to this pomade while Floramac Macadamia Oil Refined and Florasun 90 contribute to emolliency, shine, and conditioning.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Cream wax texture • Easy to take and to stagger • Paraben free

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Sprayable formula with 5% silicone • Fights grey hair and provides thicker hair • Paraben free
Styling Glue J17-82MC

Jeen International Corporation

Green Styling Gel

Schulke & Mayr GmbH

Maximum Moisture Hair Styling Gel HC-33

Lonza Personal Care

Maximum Moisture Hair Styling Gel is a crystal clear hair gel based on ß-Gel™, an active moisturizing hydrogel that tames frizz while nourishing and strengthening hair. NAB™ Spotted Geranium Extract PF quenches dry hair while offering protection from lipid peroxidation. LaraCare™ A200 helps retain moisture while protecting hair from heat and environmental aggressors. Mikrokill™ COS guards the integrity of this formula. This gel is the perfect treatment for permed and color-treated hair as it delivers instant hydration and vitality.

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