Alpine rose stem cells enhance skin barrier function

The alpine rose grows on hillsides up to 3,200 m where they have to adapt to temperatures well below zero and extreme winter dryness. These attributes are captured in PhytoCellTec Alp Rose, a cosmetic active based on alpine rose stem cells.

The ingredient helps the skin's barrier which has been compromised due to age and environmental  factors such as UV and humidity changes. Reduced barrier function leads to very dry and sensitive skin. Tested on human epidermal stem cells, PhytoCellTec Alp Rose was found to increase the vitality of skin stem cells. This improves epidermal regeneration and thus the quality of the skin barrier.

How is it possible to stimulate the activity of stem cells to boost epidermal regeneration? How can such an effect be demonstrated? Using a new technique known as Progenitor Cell Targeting, it is nowadays possible to establish enriched cultures of progenitor/stem cells direct from a skin sample. These cells are cultured in a medium containing the alpine rose stem cell extract. The epidermal stem cell potential is then evaluated by assessing colony-forming efficiency (CFE). Compared to cells cultured in the normal medium, the CFE of cells cultured in the alpine rose medium was enhanced by more than 50%. A higher stem cell potential will improve epidermal regeneration and thus the quality of the skin barrier.

PhytoCellTec Alp Rose has been carefully developed to protect the most valuable skin cells, the skin stem cells, against environmental stress factors and to improve their functions. It counteracts the age-related decline in exfoliation and thus helps to prevent the formation of very dry, sensitive and easily reddened skin.