LipoTrue presents latest Fragments Remastered ingredient

LipoTrue (1H50) is presenting a new ingredient in its Fragments Remastered technology portfolio, Frag-Brillin Remastered.

The Frag-Brillin Remastered ingredient is a biomimetic fragment of fibrillin that rebuilds elastic resilience and promotes cellasticity and skin remodeling.

Collagen fibres, DEJ and elastic fibres are the three pillars of the skin's biomechanical properties, which undergo considerable alterations with age due to changes in dermal composition and organization. The skin loses firmness and suppleness over time.

Frag-Brillin remastered, the new fibrillin fragment, extends the concept of skin flexibility not only by reinforcing the elastic fibres, but also by enhancing cellular elasticity and strengthening the dermal structure, thus improving the biomechanical qualities of the skin.

LipoTrue has two other biomimetic collagen fragments, Col-4-frag remastered and Col-frag remastered, as part of the Fragments Remastered portfolio.

The company has also taken the wraps off SP[AI]3, a peptide for acne-prone skin optimized by artificial intelligence.

The Spanish maker says the peptide, obtained in silico through AI among thousands of candidates, modulates not just one, but three key elements: sebum, pore and inflammation.

This three-pronged approach ensures a holistic perspective, revealing a decrease in both sebum synthesis and quantity, as well as a reduction in pore size and clogging, while also demonstrating a decrease in C. acnes-induced inflammation, to improve, at the end, the appearance of blemishes and imperfections for a purified skin.

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