Neurocosmetics: Beauty and the brain

Cosmetic scientist Antonia Kostic and New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists adviser Giorgio Dell’Acqua co-author an article on why neurocosmetics, which are products with ingredients that activate the production of neuromediators or target their receptors in the skin, present the personal care industry with new and diverse avenues for preserving and enhancing skin health.

The inception of our tactile experience starts from the activation of nerve receptors residing within the skin, triggering a cascade of sensations. The connection between external stimuli and our body generates a wellspring of emotions that shape our feelings, behaviour and perception of the outside world.1

During the evaluation of a cosmetic product, factors such as texture, visual appearance and fragrance are important. It is crucial to consider how these sensory elements contribute to emotional triggers and subconscious engagement, as these aspects influence purchasing decisions. 

In today’s cosmetic industry, formulators are compelled to develop products with superior sensory properties.2 Other than being sensorypleasant, could these products also be capable of influencing someone’s emotions/mood and resulting in better skin appearance? Could their action be directly mediated by the skin's nervous system? Is this true or only a marketing myth?

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