Ashland unveils tech-driven anti-ageing multifunctional

Ashland has revealed Perfectyl biofunctional, a chamomile extract developed using Zeta Fraction technology and driven by AI.

 Launched at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, Ashland says the ingredient is inspired by new aesthetic techniques for relaxing facial lines without the need for injections. 

Organically and sustainably sourced from the mountains in Oregon, USA, chamomile is well-known for its calming and relaxing properties. 

Using Ashland patented and sustainable Zeta Fraction technology, Ashland reveals a new side of chamomile extract for scientifically targeting skin’s beauty with exceptional composition, naturally rich in flower acids and GABA amino acid. 

“The younger generation of women are more and more using more and more non-surgical aesthetic procedures to get flawless skin, and this trend is driven by social media with billions of views,” said Justine Cotton, global marketing, biofunctionals, Ashland. 

“Inspired by these new aesthetic practices used by GenZ and Millennials to achieve a perfect skin, Ashland has developed Perfectyl biofunctional to help smooth fine lines, refine enlarged pores, clarify imperfections and uneven skin, specifically pigment spots.”

Perfectyl biofunctional targets multiple flaws induced by external and lifestyle stresses, such as post-inflammatory-hyperpigmentation and sebum overproduction. 

Tested in vitro and in vivo on three skin ethnicities and four phototypes, Perfectyl is a multi-ethnic solution to help all complexions get clearer and more uniform. 

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