Active Concepts launches BioAuthentic Exosomes line-up

Active Concepts has unveiled BioAuthentic Exosomes, a range of skincare ingredients sourced exclusively from botanical origins.

Exosomes represent the smallest form of extracellular vesicles and can significantly enhance the efficiency of delivering actives and ingredients in personal care products.

The BioAuthentic Exosomes line-up includes AC ExoVitalize, which is said to revitalize skin cells through encouraging oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis via a combination of grapefruit and watermelon extracts.

Also in the range is AC ExoTone, which is designed to address brown spots, enhance cellular renewal, and evens out skin tone via upcycled apples sourced from the Lincoln County Apple Festival, a festival that takes place in Active Concepts’ home base.

Finally, there is AC ExoRestore, which accelerates wound healing and skin restoration by harnessing the potent benefits of bitter melon extract, which renowned for its prebiotic properties.

“Exosomes have long been associated primarily with anti-ageing solutions. However, at Active Concepts, we're rewriting the narrative,” said a spokeswoman.

“Our BioAuthentic Exosomes line is a game-changer, allowing brands to choose a revolutionary delivery system tailored to their unique intended benefits. Skincare brands now have the power to customize their products to meet their customers' desires,” she added.

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