Bio-emollient as a high-performing D5 alternative

Lubrizol has developed a bio-emollient as a sustainable solution to those consumers who are looking to replace volatile silicone-based products but do not want to lose performance. It offers the same benefits as volatile silicones such as Cyclopentasiloxane (D5), but without non-biodegradable and bioaccumulative drawbacks

Due to safety and environmental concerns, volatile Cyclomethicone, like Cyclopentasiloxane (D5), is restricted in personal care applications. Consumers are looking for new alternatives that are more natural and biodegradable to replace siliconebased products while maintaining the same performance. 

SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient, hereafter known as the bio-emollient, is a naturally derived, biodegradable, highly pure, and volatile emollient to be used as a silicone alternative to Cyclopentasiloxane D5 in leave-on applications, with a similar performance and sensory feel. It is a cross-category ingredient, with excellent performance in hair care and hair colour, makeup, skin care, and sun care applications. In addition, it may be considered microbiome friendly.

From a chemical standpoint, the bioemollient is a sustainable bio-alkane, derived from a non-GMO, 100% vegetable oil, which is traceable to plantations. It is manufactured using an eco-friendly, solvent-free process without generating waste or by-products. Green energy sources are used throughout the manufacturing process, and the only two co-products generated - glycerin and methanol – are recuperated and reused. All this leads to a high-purity product manufactured sustainably. 

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