How cationic surfactants neutralize hair frizz

While many hair care consumers may find frizzy hair annoying, it is far from a permanent or unsolvable hair problem. Natura Aeropack explains how products formulated with coconut-powered active ingredients, paired with healthy hair care practices, can prevent unwanted frizz and help human hair stay in excellent condition for the long term

The issue of frizzy hair is a recurrent one among today’s beauty customers. For many who have frizzy hair, what’s meant to be one of their most appealing features can be a source of great frustration

Though frizzy hair is neither harmful nor immediately indicative of bad hair health, it nonetheless beleaguers customers who want more control when it comes to styling their health. As such, those with naturally frizzy or curly hair remain on the lookout for high-quality products that fulfill their basic function of cleaning their hair and affording them superior manageability, while still retaining their hair’s natural thickness and lushness. 

Today’s market is an interesting one for beauty brands, as modern customers are also more critical of the products they buy. Many customers from the millennial and Gen Z market are more likely to support frizzy hair products that possess natural ingredients—not only for how well they nourish the hair shafts, but also for their sustainable, ethical, and environmentally-friendly qualities.

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