How to prove pro-ageing claims in vivo

The combinations of classical biometric measurements with more high-tech devices and specific biomarkers can provide a better understanding of the organisation of the skin structure and its functions, says Skinobs

Claims of personal care evolve following trends and various innovations in the field of the active ingredient development, the finished product formulation and the way both are evaluated, demonstrating their performance. Since the mid-2010s, the cosmetics industry has been gradually leaving the era of anti-ageing behind. Today, most consumers are more in the mood for a ‘well ageing’, ‘slow ageing’ or ‘pro-ageing’ approach

The philosophy of the ‘pro-ageing’ movement has sought to remove all ‘anti’ claims because, according to this concept, women over 50 are not interested in looking younger; they want to look healthy and be honest about their age. Some brands have used the idea of improving the appearance of skin quality and restoring skin comfort. A new vocabulary of renewal, regeneration, plumpness, and ‘glow’ now dominates the language of the beauty industry

Increasingly inclusive beauty rituals give the opportunity for a pause, counterbalancing stressful, tiring and anxious lifestyles and reducing the deleterious effects of a life that attacks the skin through internal mechanisms or a harmful environment. Eliminate toxins, oxygenate the body, take care of oneself to maintain the radiance and homogeneity of the complexion and a good mood. Beauty then becomes more integrative, it will universalise well-being, the silhouette, sleep quality and lifestyle, resulting in a different look. 

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