New partners for Skin Trust Club

Skin Trust Club, which was launched last year to drive the Labskin platform, has announced a series of brand partners to join its product offering. Labskin is a 3D human skin equivalent that incorporates biological components to model normal skin function. It provides an in vitro alternative to animal testing

The partners have all been through scrutiny by Labskin and Skin Trust Club’s science team “to ensure they have the appropriate qualities and ingredients to support an individual’s results and help balance their microbiome”, the firms said. This includes being cruelty-free and other ethical considerations. In all, Skin Trust Club now has ten partners:

  • Tula Skincare
  • Aurelia London
  • Gallinée Microbiome Skincare
  • Plantkos
  • Esse
  • High Beauty
  • Nunaïa
  • BE+Radiance
  • Better For You Wellness
  • Dermala

Via a skin health tracking app, Skin Trust Club identifies the ecological composition of all bacteria living on the skin and combines that data with such metadata points as health, diet, medications. The app then captures environmental data, including the UV index and pollution levels in real-time, to assess skin health, give users precise knowledge of their individual skin profile and enable them to choose the right skin care products for themselves.

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