'Global Company of the Year' awarded

Based on its recent analysis of the global personal care active ingredients market, Frost & Sullivan has recognised Mibelle AG Biochemistry with the 2020 Global Company of the Year Award.

Mibelle has successfully introduced several breakthrough sustainable active ingredients, whose efficacy is supported by in vivo and in vitro study results. Mibelle Biochemistry is a pioneer with regards to using senolytics to delay skin ageing in cosmetic applications, which has helped the company achieve a leading positioning in the market.

"Demonstrating its expertise in recognizing the dynamic needs of the cosmetics industry, Mibelle Biochemistry launched the Alpine Rose Active ingredient to fight skin ageing," said Prateeksha Kaul Research Analyst.

"This ingredient contains a natural senolytic agent extracted from the Alpine rose leaves in the Swiss Alps to eliminate senescent cells, which are the cells responsible for ageing, without affecting the neighboring cells. This halts the skin’s aging process while rejuvenating it and increasing its elasticity. This active also meets the rising demand for natural and sustainable products over harsh chemicals that are harmful to both the environment and the skin."

Similarly, in response to the growing interest in phytocannabinods, Mibelle Biochemistry introduced an encapsulated cannabidiol (CBD) ingredient, the Lipobelle Pino C. Other players in the market have had limited success with CBD in spite of its potential benefits for the skin because it is not soluble in water. Mibelle addressed this limitation with the Lipobelle Pino C. By encapsulating the CBD into a nanoemulsion using hemp oil, Mibelle made it water-soluble and stable in cosmetic formulations. Its combination with an extract from Swiss stone pines also helps the product fight inflammation. Lipobelle Pino C exploits the anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects of CBD for cosmetic benefits such as easing facial tension, reducing inflammation, and regenerating tissue. Mibelle Biochemistry has been a pioneer in utilising interesting biochemical concepts for its active ingredients. In 2008, it gained a first-mover advantage with the launch of its active ingredient PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, which involved the application of stem cells in cosmetics for the very first time. In 2019, Mibelle utilised its PhytoCellTec technology to launch the PhytoCellTec Goji, which stimulates the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) culture with goji stem cells for enhancing face shape by preventing the skin from sagging. 

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