Internal training centre opens

After two years of construction work, SILAB has unveiled its new building in Brive (France), which includes a centre for internal training.

This contemporary 4,500 sqm structure is on four levels and with an amphitheater that can accommodate 200 people. It concludes a three-year investment program of 30 million euros, initiated by industrial projects.

This unique facility, which is dedicated to continuing education, is part of the company’s commitment to developing talent in a scientific and technological environment driven by innovation. SILAB devotes significant human and material resources to the development of its teams’ skills: 7% of the gross payroll is invested in training each year. This represents 10,000 hours of annual training, divided into more than 120 multidisciplinary modules, made possible thanks to the commitment of around 50 internal trainers.

Jean Paufique, Chairman and Founder of SILAB, explains: “The strength of our development comes from innovation, which in turn is driven by our expert teams. This is why we surround ourselves with the best employees and strive to offer them motivating working conditions, promote their professional well-being and provide them with quality continuous training. We have a responsibility to train our employees to keep pace with the rapid evolution of our professions. This investment in skills is necessary to our continued development.”


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