Breakthrough fibre for restorative skin care

What is made from sugar and leads to sweet results for the skin? JD Hydro Boost, exclusively from Jojoba Desert. Available beginning Fall 2020, this new ingredient comes to the market offers exciting new possibilities for skin care.

A breakthrough discovery occurred in 2015, when a team of scientists at the Technion in Haifa were conducting a research for the citrus industry, seeking to create a juice containing an all-natural reduced sugar compound.

When the scientists performed an enzymatic process on sugar found in the orange, they turned it into an edible fibre with unique properties. The result was both a polysaccharide and an oligosaccharide, characterised by exceptional, functional features.

They found that not only could the fibre penetrate into the epidermal layers of the skin, it could also aid in the rejuvenation of skin cells and promoting the activation of collagen secretion.

This new fibre—JD Hydro Boost, from Jojoba Desert—consists of 80% low molecular weight (average 700 Da), and 20% high molecular weight (average 1000 kDa). Primarily LMW, repeated clinical and ex vivo studies have demonstrated the fibre’s ability to penetrate the upper the epidermal layers of the skin, promoting the activation of Extra-Cellular-Matrix mechanism, reformation, and secretion of Collagen-1. 

In order to replicate the new fibre and to ensure the same stability, consistency and precise skin care benefits, a search for the ultimate sugar source led to cane sugar—which has become the basis for JD Hydro Boost. 

JD Hydro Boost provides a deep moisturisation effect, aiding in the repair of skin cells, reduction of wrinkles, and balancing of skin microbiome. The fibre is perfect for leave-on applications – face/body creams, gels, masks, ampoules, patches – as well as rinse-off solutions, including dry scalp shampoos or moisturising body washes.

“JD Hydro Boost is a revolutionary, sugar-based fibre, marking the first ingredient from Jojoba Desert not sourced from Jojoba Oil; however, it proudly follows in the company’s tradition of healthy, natural and efficacious solutions for the skin and body,” said Lee Reuveni, CEO of Jojoba Desert. “We’re excited for this ingredient’s capabilities, and we look forward to growing our portfolio and offering our partners the most innovative skincare solutions possible.”