Richer and bolder content

This November 20-21, Making Cosmetics returns to Milan with richer content and an increase of nearly 40% of exhibition space and exhibition stands are now sold out.

This increase is also thanks to the new feature, in-vitality, which has gained a very positive response from exhibitors and visitors alike. 

Every year, Making Cosmetics, held at Milano Congressi in the heart of the city in Via Gattamelata, has gathered the best in creativity and science, entertaining visitors with high quality scientific content and workshops. For this seventh edition, Making Cosmetics continues the trend and promises an even richer and bolder event, and this year features a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci, who died in 1519.

Leonardo di San Piero Da Vinci, more commonly known as Leonardo Da Vinci, was an italian polymath of the Renaissance. Having left a significant legacy not only in art but in science as well, Making Cosmetics’ features will pay tribute to this genius whose studies also made a great contribution to our industry. Emotional Making will unveil Leonardo’s creative genius, teaching us the secrets and the art of a perfume through original and creative ways, while at the ‘Soapture’ a sculptor will reveal ‘The Flower of Life’ to reflect the research carried out by Leonardo in botany.

New for this edition is Framing Cosmetics which proposes an artistic concept with an additional dimension, in this case, of analysis and market perspective. Merck, alongside the trend agency NellyRodi, will present two colour trends for the Autumn Winter 2020-21. These trends will be recreated by the artist live on canvas. A captivating and immediate way to put into practice a concept, an idea, in the spirit which epitomise Making Cosmetics! For more information visit: