in-cosmetics Global’s Innovation Zone: Olea Vitae PLF from Vytrus Biotech

Ahead of in-cosmetics Global, we shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative ingredients and formulas set to be on display at the show’s popular Innovation Zone, all of which will launch at the show or in the six months before.

Olea Vitae PLF is a powerful revitaliser of mature skin, that uses specific signalling lipids from plant cell membranes to activate the skin's energy rejuvenation cycles, recharging its internal batteries, the mitochondria, and connecting them to work in unison. 

It fights the visible external effects of ageing through the simulation of Mitochondrial Synapses, a new mechanism that guarantees results, even in the most adverse circumstances (hormonal aging), resulting in an astonishing anti-wrinkle, firming and repairing effect. Olea Vitae PLF is a new lipidomics platform that is a powerful revitaliser of aged skin and can trigger cell revival by re-charging cells’ internal batteries.

All this and more will be on show to inspire and educate R&D professionals on the latest ingredients coming to the cosmetic and personal care market. Visit for further information and to register online to gain free entry to the event.