Bionap launches Flavoslim, a sustainable ingredient to improve body shape

Since its foundation, Bionap has followed an eco-sustainable approach to produce its cosmetic ingredients, selecting by-products from the Mediterranean agri-food manufacturing and adopting green extraction practices.

In line with this philosophy, Bionap has developed Flavoslim, an active ingredient that comes from the juice of bergamot fruit. For centuries, the main use of bergamot fruit was related to the production of well-known and world wide spread essential oil. The manufacturing process of bergamot oil involves the peel of the fruit, therefore, the juice, the starting raw material of Flavoslim, was considered only a by-product.

Flavoslim is a powdered extract, preservative free and Ecocert/Cosmos approved. The ingredient is titrated in flavonoids, naringin, neoeriocitrin and neohesperidin (8-10% HPLC analysis), which exert an anti-inflammatory and lipolytic activity.

In vitro tests on keratinocytes and adipocytes demonstrated the capability of Flavoslim to reduce adipogenesis, induce lipolytic effect and inhibit inflammatory processes. Moreover, obtained results highlighted that bergamot flavonoids are able to reduce the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), whose over-expression causes water retention (oedema), responsible for tissue hypoxia and worsening of the cellulite appearance.

Flavoslim was clinically tested with a randomized, double blind and placebo-controlled study, which involved 20 women and lasted 8 weeks. The activity of Flavoslim to ameliorate the signs of cellulite and remodel body silhouette was assessed with instrumental techniques, objective scores by a dermatologist and a self-assessment questionnaire.

Blood and lymphatic microcirculation was evaluated with the infrared thermography and results showed remarkable improvements in just two weeks of treatment and an activity twice higher than placebo.

The reduction of superficial adipose tissue was measured with an ultrasound-based imaging technique on thighs, gluteus, arms and hips. Results highlighted the better capability of Flavoslim to reduce the thickness of adipose tissue in comparison to the placebo. The slimming effect of Flavoslim was also highlighted as decrease in thighs and arms circumference. The decrease of circumference is the result of sum and synergy of the effect on oedema and on the fat layer and Flavoslim demonstrated to have a remarkable effect on both aspects.

The effects of Flavoslim on skin firmness and elasticity were evaluated with a Cutometer and data showed the ability of Flavoslim to improve the skin elasticity at different levels. In fact, it strengthens skin firmness, increases the cutaneous ability to return to the basal state and, reducing water retention, increases dermal elasticity. Clinical evaluation by the dermatologist reported that the cellulite-derived skin imperfections were decreased significantly in subjects treated with the active formula.

Panelists reported highly positive comments during the using of the product containing Flavoslim. In fact, after just 2 weeks 65% of panelists reported a decrease in cellulite-related skin imperfections, 80% of panelists reported an increase of skin elasticity and 55% of women judged positively the ability of Flavoslim to shape the body.

Overall data suggest that Flavoslim is a suitable ingredient for cosmetic products aimed at improving the signs of cellulite and at perfecting body silhouette and tone.