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Coconut Water Blow Dry Defender Spritz

Croda Inc
Hair Conditioning/Treatment
Need a protective hair tonic to guard against thermal damage and help resist breakage? Apply this protective spritz before blow drying to strengthen the hair and prevent thermal damage. Crodasone™ P is a superfood-derived biopolymer that provides heat activated cuticle defense and protects against cuticle cracking. Keravis™ PE is a hair strengthening active that penetrates the hair cuticle to build strength from within for increased resistance to breakage. Enriched with Fruitliquid™ Coco.

Super Berry Hair Souffle

Croda Inc
Hair Conditioning/Treatment
Feed your hair with this nourishing conditioner for the hair that has an unexpected, light texture.

Perfect Dd Cream Spf 20

Croda Inc
Foundation and BB Creams
This Daily Defence Cream, or DD Cream, protects against harmful light wavelengths whilst also offering a uniform tint on the skin. This is achieved through the inclusion of Solaveil™ XT40W which provides protection against UVA, UVB and High-Energy Visible light damage as well as protection against the free radicals generated. By combining this with Venuceane™, which protects against cellular damage by InfraRed and free radicals, you can achieve broad spectrum protection from the sun and its photo-ageing effects.

Chia Seed Pudding Hair And Scalp Mask

Croda Inc
Hair Conditioning/Treatment
Indulge your hair and scalp with this rich, moisturizing mask treatment. Hydrosativum P, a powerful moisturizing active and superfood-derived biopolymer, hydrates the hair even at low humidities. DuraQuench™ IQ SA delivers effective moisturization to the scalp that is consumer perceivable while also providing conditioning benefits to the hair. Crodazosoft™ DBQ defends against cuticle abrasion and has a proven softening effect. Originally the super food of the Aztecs, Seatons™ Chia Seed Oil is a 100% natural seed oil produced by cold processing chia seeds and contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Crodamol™ SFX, a non-silicone emollient ester, adds shine. The combination of VisCaress™ HPD and Crodafos™ CS20A provide the unique scoopable texure and glossy look of this formulation.

Blow-Dry Defender Spritz

Croda Inc
Hair Styling
This heat defending super spritz provides thermal activated protection against cuticle damage caused by blow-drying and styling thanks to Crodasone™ P which forms a protective film at the hair surface on drying. Hydrosativum P enables the hair to absorb moisture at low humidities and therefore maintains hair hydration during blow-drying. Extracts of pea and goji give this fruity spritz superfood defence.

Beat The Heat Smoothing Serum

Croda Inc
Hair Conditioning/Treatment
This light serum protects and smoothes hair. MiruStyleTM X-HP protects the hair against the X-treme temperatures of heated styling appliances such as flat irons. HydrosolanumTM PE regulates the moisture content of the hair to keep sleek styles from becoming frizzy. CrosilkTM 10000 prevents breakage and split ends to keep a smooth style. The light non-greasy texture is created by the combination of ViscOptimaTM SE and light emollients CrodamolTM OPG and Crodamol STS.

Non-Aqueous Sunscreen With Crodasperse

Croda Inc
Sun Care
Low mechanical energy dispersant CRODASPERSE allows the formulation of this product with only a propeller mixer. The result is a lotion that may be spread onto the skin or used as an aerosol concentrate for even better, more even application. As a lotion, this formula showed an in vitro SPF of 52, an in vivo SPF of 36 pre-immersion and an SPF of 30 post-immersion. It also received a “superior” 3 star Boots rating.

Night-Intense Whipped Cream

Croda Inc
An intense night-time facial moisturiser. CRODAMOL AB provides a cushiony lubricious emollience, yet confers a non-greasy elegant feel on the skin. CRODAMOL AB offers emollience with good spreading properties. Emulsions based on CRODAFOS CES exhibit thixotropy (shear thinning), which promotes the combined release of oil and water from the system to leave a substantive, waterproofing layer of oil on the skin surface.

Curl Perfecting Styling Gelée – Strawberry

Croda Inc
Hair Styling
Summer Concept – Dual applicator product, each containing MiruStyle CP Curl Perfecting Styling Gelée – for use on wet hair Finishing Crème – for use on dry hair Finishing Crème to include: UV protection – Keratec IFP

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