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Lemongrass & Lavender COSMOS Shampoo


Consumers are looking for the COSMOS label when selecting their next product. This shampoo has it all – it is crystal clear, provides creamy foam, contains COSMOS approved ingredients and provides great conditioning properties. It is enriched with lemongrass, rosemary and lavender oils, to leave hair feeling soft and smelling fresh. For a good hair day, every day. Cold process and easy to manufacture formulation.
Powder-To-Foam Transforming Shampoo


Good for you A fun, powder product that transforms into a light, creamy foam when added with water. This shampoo powder is mild, sulfate-free and provides the answer to the less plastic trend. Good for the environment A powder shampoo that contains only a small amount of water. This saves on the amount of water used to create the shampoo, saves on transportation costs and saves on packaging costs compared to conventional shampoos. Good to formulate Pureact WSP and Pureact I-78 are free flowing sulfate-free surfactant powders which can be conveniently blended into a microcrystalline cellulose powder base with a natural oil. Pureact SCG and Activsoft C-13 promise a low-dusting powder which produces a voluminous, rich creamy lather when applied to wet hair. A low dusting shampoo product can be hard to find. Tips and tricks for usage Gently tap a small amount of product on to wet hands and rub directly onto the hair. Feel the powder transform into a creamy, mild foam. When you have finished cleansing, rinse thoroughly.
Gentle Hydrating Shampoo


Gentle Hydrating Shampoo combines ultra mildness with superior sensoriality. Olivem® 460 and amphoteric surfactants provide gentle cleansing, while Olivem® 300 and Florasolvs® Macadamia-16 delivers superior emolliency and softness. This transparent, silicone-free formulation is ideal for normal to dry hair and won’t irritate the scalp.

Adeka Corporation

Low Poo Shampoo is a way of cleaning and washing your hair with a sulfate free shampoo product. It is deep cleansing while gentler on your hair and scalp. Because it does not remove all natural sebum from your hair and scalp you can typically go 2-3 days between washings and still have clean, shiny, healthy hair. Contains Argan oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, omega 6 and omega 9, which prevents dryness and loss of elasticity of the hair. It is formulated with ADEKA NOL GT-730.
SLES-Free Body And Hair Shampoo


This daily body and hair shampoo is SLES-free. The moisturizing and relipidification properties of Olivem® 300 provide a pleasant skin feeling on the skin. Olivem® 460 provides mild cleansing properties and a highly emollient feel after rinsing.
Shiny Shampoo


Shiny Shampoo

TRI-K Industries

Scalp Scaling Shampoo (ST-1)

KCC Beauty

Taking care of your scalp is just as important as your hair. Exfoliating shampoos and masks have become more popular recently to remove dead skin and sebum from the scalp. They also remove any build-up from styling products and volumise the hair. SeraSense® SQ 41 is a water-soluble silicone that gives conditioning without weighing the hair down.
Argan Oil Shampoo With Serashine® EM 802 (PS-14)

KCC Beauty

Introducing SeraShine® EM 802; part of our new range of emulsions containing natural oil. SeraShine® EM 802 brings together the benefits of both high viscosity dimethicone and argan oil to give optimum conditioning and smoothing performance. Raw
Shiny Shampoo

Hallstar Italia Srl

This brightening shampoo is enriched with Biochemica® Argan Shine to enhance shine, keep hair luminous, vibrant and healthy-looking. It is infused with Olivem® 300 and Florasolvs® Macadamia-16 to replenish and hydrate the scalp, while Olivem® 460 gently cleanses and preserves hair health.

Lamberti S.p.A

A very mild product to wash your hair: Eucarol AGE ET is a very mild surfactant and Inulin provides a natural conditioning. Eucarol AGE ET is an ecoter

Lamberti S.p.A

A conditioning shampoo: silicone with guar provides conditioning to the hair.

Lamberti S.p.A

An antidandruff conditioning shampoo. The use of ESAFLOR BF7, boron free cationic guar, provides conditioning to the hair and avoid the presence of Boron traces (CMR2) in the formulation. VISCOLAM MAC10 stabilize and viscosify the product, avoiding the use of salt. EUCAROL D/ROLPON 24/230 is a mild, non-irritating surfactants system.

Lamberti S.p.A

An antidandruff conditioning shampoo; guar gum provides conditioning to the hair. VISCOLAM MAC10 provides the product with stabilization and thickness, avoiding the use of salt in order to increase viscosity.

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