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Silky Night Care For Men (W/Si)

CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH
Male Grooming
MPCTM- Milk Peptide Complex

Natural Beard Balm

Alfa Chemicals Ltd
Male Grooming

After Shave Balm

Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Male Grooming
based on LIPOID S LPC 20-3

Sensoshaving Cream

Hallstar Italia Srl
Male Grooming
SensoShaving Cream is an aftershave emulsion that promotes fast recovery of skin damaged by shaving. Sensolene Care DD and Kokum Butter reduce trans-epidermal water loss; improving skin moisturizing and elasticity, providing better spreadability, and providing dry touch and fast absorption.

Man Instant Energy After Shave

Male Grooming
MAN INSTANT ENERGY AFTER SHAVE is a smooth, film forming lotion with a high hydrating potential. The formulation is devoid of perfume. The pleasant perceivable note is due to the content of Zanthalene®, which adds a characteristic fragrance to perfumefree formulations.

Shaving Oil For Men

Male Grooming
This unique shave oil does not rely on foam or lather to provide a clean, close shave. Rather, the shave oil lubricates the skin and beard in a way that only botanical oils can. Razor friction is reduced, the closeness of the shave is enhanced, and irritation is virtually eliminated. Only a few drops are required to provide a clean, close, and smooth shave.

Premium Shave Cream

Male Grooming
This premium shave cream is a chassis for many possible shaving and grooming formulations. It is ideal for shaving legs, face, and sensitive areas. It can be used in an aerosol foam, cream, or gel format. This cream resembles popular shaving products in the EU and other countries with high environmental concerns, avoiding the use of volatile organic compounds such as those produced by aerosols. The emollient Phase, featuring Floraesters 30, provides slip and re-fatting of the skin during and after the delipidization that commonly occurs when dragging a blade across the skin surface. The weight of the residual after-feel can be modified by adjusting the amount of whichever emollient you choose to use. For example, replacing 1% of Floraesters 30 with 1% Moringa Butter provides a much richer after-feel. The product also includes a unique moisturizing system combining Floraesters K-100 Jojoba with glycerin for fast and persistent moisturization, while soothing possible redness from shave irritation. Slip, conditioning, and final viscosity can be modified by changing the amount of Celquat SC- 230M. The product, despite it's richness, rinses off the blades quickly with a small amount of warm water. Lastly, a thixotropic viscosity profile allows for easier mechanical filling and a more stable cream in the finished product.

Soothing After Shave Balm F-1003-01

Elementis Specialties
Male Grooming
This light hydrating balm was created to sooth dry irritated skin, especially after shaving.

Men Vitality Water Cream

Male Grooming

Men's After Shave Balm J7-1A

Jeen International Corporation
Male Grooming
This smooth shave balm for men is designed to leave a fresh and smooth sensation after shave.

Men's Post Shave Elixir

Cornelius Group Plc
Male Grooming

After Shave Cream Sb2-4A

TRI-K Industries, Inc.
Male Grooming

Soothing Post Shave Gel Si 2-61

TRI-K Industries, Inc.
Male Grooming

Shaving Foamer With Barla-Tein Pro Sb1-87A 

TRI-K Industries, Inc.
Male Grooming

Shaving!Foamer With Barla-Tein Pro Ja1-43

TRI-K Industries, Inc.
Male Grooming

Silicone Slip Shave Oil (Sh-1)

KCC Beauty
Male Grooming
This Shave Oil is formulated to provide excellent razor glide and lubricity. It spreads easily over the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and moisturised. This crystal clear product allows you to see where you are shaving, unlike traditional foam-based products.

Refreshing Clear After-Shave Facial Wash

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Asia Pacific Limited
Male Grooming

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