Hydrosome Labs unwraps bubble technology for improving actives delivery

US startup Hydrosome Labs has taken the wraps off a process to improve the ability of water to deliver active ingredients to cells more efficiently.

The Westmont, Illinois outfit has developed ultrafine bubbles, ‘hydrosomes’, which are invisible to the naked eye and among the smallest ever detected.

The ultrafine bubbles have significantly higher surface area versus bubbles in regular water - one trillion fit in one champagne bubble - making them excellent transporters to cells.

Their unique size and concentration make them superior in the delivery of active ingredients to cells, says  Hydrosome.

In additional, products leveraging hydrosomes are also said have a longer shelf life of up to 18 months or more than any other ultrafine bubble technology.

The process is also sustainable with no added chemicals or consumables, and it takes very little energy to operate.

Hydrosome Labs has completed a seed funding round last year and expects to close a Series A round this spring.

In addition, it expects to announce a licensing deal with a major beauty company known for its innovative technologies in the coming months.

Hydrosome currently has two granted patents, with several others recently filed, and is investing in more than 100 scientific studies, human trials, and collaborations with institutions like the University of Chicago and Cornell University.

“Simply put, water is essential to life. It’s second only to oxygen as the most essential substance for survival, yet people take for granted that it will always function the same,” said Paul Gadbut, CEO of Hydrosome Labs.

“History is filled, though, with natural substances improved upon for the benefit of society – carbon into carbon fiber, silica into computer chips, and more. What if water itself could be improved naturally and sustainably? That’s what our technology does.”

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