IFF Lucas Meyer claims skin barrier first with dragon fruit active

New research on its IBR-Dragon active has led IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics to claim the first demonstration of a botanical prebiotic active ingredient that modulates all three levels of the skin barrier.

IBR-Dragon is a highly concentrated dragon fruit extract, and contains, beyond prebiotic fibers and oligosaccharides,  phytochemicals required for optimal skin homeostasis and minerals like magnesium and phosphorus known for their role in maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

In a competitive coculture in vitro assay, the Canadian company found IBR-Dragon selectively supported the growth of beneficial commensal strains like S. epidermidis, while limiting the growth of detrimental strains S. aureus and P. acnes.

Corresponding with this prebiotic activity, in a clinical setting, topical application of IBR-Dragon increased skin microbiome phylogenetic diversity and decreased the abundance of opportunistic pathogens like C. tuberculostearicum (strengthening the microbial barrier). IBR-Dragon decreased TEWL (reinforcing the physical barrier).

Lastly, IBR-Dragon reduced skin inflammation and irritation, and strengthened skin resilience to histamine challenge (strengthening the immune barrier).

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of a botanical prebiotic active ingredient that modulates all three levels of the skin barrier,” said an IFF Lucas Meyer spokeswoman.

“Correlated with its effective prebiotic activity, we also found that IBR-Dragon increases skin radiance and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and visible spots for healthy, glowing, youthful skin,” she added.

Locally grown in Israel, the dragon fruits used for IBR-Dragon are obtained by hand pollination and hand harvested.

IBR-Dragon is then sustainably produced by using a natural and environmentally friendly process to preserve a unique botanical composition.

The extract is obtained by directly extracting the fruit in its own water, in a petrochemical solvent-free extraction process, and without additional water beyond the fruit's own. All biomass waste is repurposed as compost.

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