New brand identity for fragrance company

CPL Aromas has renewed their Brand Identity to better reflect the company’s strategy and their sustainability objectives.

In order to be in line with the industry, CPL Aromas’ Brand Identity components have changed their name: from Values to “Ingredients”, from Mission to “Formula” and from Vision to “Essence”.

The Ingredients – the foundations over which the company is built – are Quality, Responsibility, Sustainability Mindset, Independence and Family Pride. They reflect CPL Aromas’ strategy of remaining a family company, independent and committed to sustainability. They also address the company’s pursuit of innovation and superior quality in delivering customer solutions.

The Formula shows what CPL Aromas does: “We bring success to our customers through innovative fragrances, outstanding service and a human touch”. And the company’s Essence, or what it all boils down to, comes down to one simple sentence: “Infusing happiness through scents”.

Last but not least, CPL Aromas’ tagline will change to “Let’s Create Together”, a more active and playful proposition and one which involves their existing and potential customers to a greater degree.

“We wanted our brand to shout out all the things we are so passionate about”, said Alejandro Massalin, global brand and marketing director. He added “It is very important that the company continues to live and breathe the new Brand Identity, and this will be our focus in the coming months”.


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