Biological deodorant launched to market

Vytrus Biotech has just launched a new biological deodorant ingredient that efficiently reduces body odour, Deobiome Noni. It consists of the first deodorant treatment that allows the axilla to perspire while avoiding the bad odour generation, while respecting the skin microbiota and the ecosystem.

This cosmetic ingredient covers different applications within the cosmetic industry: underarm deodorants (roll-on, creams, gels), feet treatment deodorants (gels, serums, creams), scalp treatments and body care (deodorizing body lotions, body odour modulation).

The flourishing clean movement, consumers who search and choose products with more natural and sustainable ingredients, is one of the big new growing trends. In the field of fighting body odour, there is a need for alternatives to conventional products but respectful to an important physiological function such as sweat production, as well as respectful to the skin microbiota.

The daily battle against body odour is still dominated by two classical strategies: deodorants that often eliminate bacteria by applying alcohol bases or bactericidal actives and cover malodour by using perfume; and traditional antiperspirants whose strategy is based on clogging the pores with derivates of aluminium salts, thereby depriving the bacteria in the axilla of malodour precursors.

Therefore, Vytrus Biotech has broadened the scope of axillary care by designing a biological deodorant treatment that efficiently eliminates the bad odour. This strategy consists of an innovative combination that addresses the care of the skin through a prebiotic technology, and the microbiota re-balancing, thus challenging the fight against body odour.

Òscar Expósito, CEO, CSO and co-founder of Vytrus Biotech, said: “The launch of Deobiome is a great achievement for our company, and it also implies a great scientific advance for body odour treatment as our ingredient is the first biological deodorant of the market. Furthermore, it respects the skin microbiota thanks to the innovative mechanism of action of the active”.

Deobiome Noni, made from Morinda citrifolia plant stem cells, is presented to the market as an alternative to conventional products, respectful to the skin and the environment, and offering a solution to body odour.