A natural master key for skin repair and protection

Lipoid Kosmetik will present their new product SLM Eco - an all-natural, COSMOS-approved, irritation-free and skin recovering cream matrix - at in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona.

The main function of our skin is the protection from pollutants in the environment, UV exposure, bacteria, allergens and changes in climate and temperature. 

Lipoid’s SLM Skin Lipid Matrix technology helps to repair and restore the natural protective skin barrier. Its unique combination of essential skin lipids, such as ceramides, triglycerides and phospholipids, mimics the lamellar structure of the extracellular matrix and forms a protective layer. 

SLM Eco is an all-natural, COSMOS-approved, irritation-free and skin recovering cream matrix. It restores the stratum corneum lipid matrix, is therefore perfectly suitable for high-end luxury skin care, dermatocosmetics, products for damaged and sensitive skin. It is free of classical emulsifiers and will add a unique luxurious skin feel to any formulation.
SLM Eco is produced with hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine from sunflower seeds, suitable for natural certified cosmetics and can easily be incorporated into any type of skin care product. In the recommended concentrations of 10 – 30 %, SLM Eco can function as foundation for creams and lotions.

Lipoid Kosmetic will be showcasing the ingredient at in-cosmetics Global stand No. AH50.

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