New lightening strategy promotes degradation of melanosomes

Cywhite, from Codif Technologie Naturelle, is a biomimetic ingredient extracted from the Rainbow Alga: Cystoseira tamariscifolia. This alga possesses branches covered in spines which become iridescent when put into water, hence the name Raimbow Algae.

Exposed to light of varying intensity which changes with the tide and depth of the water, the iridescence enables Cystoseira to improve diffusion of the ambient light to the chloroplasts. The harvest of this seaweed is 100% by hand and meets ORGANIC / COSMOS standards. 

In addition to inhibiting melanogenesis, Cywhite targets molecules involved in the absorption of melanosomes by keratinocytes and then their degradation inside the keratinocytes.

Used at 1%, Cywhite promotes the skin tone’s uniformity, improves the complexion’s brightness and reduces pigmentary imperfections.

At 1.5%, it decreases the overall pigmentation of the skin within 1 week.

• 83% of volunteers found their skin tone more transparent.

• 87% of volunteers found their skin tone lighter.

• 87% of volunteers found their skin tone more luminous.

This active ingredient will be presented at In-Cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, from November 5-7.

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