Campaign inspired by the growth of travel

Univar Solutions has announced the release of its new SIM Campaign Global Awakening. Thanks to the new technologies of information and communication, but also the raise of affordable solutions, travelling took on a new turn in the 2000s, benefiting from a strong boost. From dedicated websites to instant photo sharing applications, consumers are now inspired and appealed to travel more.

For instance, according to Aweek, 52% of Facebook users dream about vacation when on the channel, even if they are not planning on a specific trip. This phenomenon is especially true for the Millennial generation. As stated in Forbes, social media are allowing them to access a social statue by sharing their experience and documenting their travel. The experience becomes more important than the ownership.

When consumers are travelling, they are seeking more than relaxation, they aim to be challenged. For instance, 44% of Canadian consumers say that when they travel they like to try something they have never done before (Mintel).  70% of millennials want to explore and learn from the communities they visit (Millennial Marketing). They would like to unveil the beauty of different cultures as the unknown teases up their mind.

How can we translate this desire to experience and travel in beauty and personal care? It is true that we have seen a boom in travel-sized friendly items. However, how can we go further by taking inspiration from beauty around the globe?

Univar Solutions gathered their technical and marketing teams to brainstorm about their favourite ingredients and rituals that they discovered in the past during the travels.  They translated their favourite findings in 12 innovative formulations for the latest SIM Campaign Global Awakening.

This campaign is about the appreciation of local cultures to allow consumers live and experience beauty and personal care from around the world form the comfort of their home. Those formulations are also in line with the market demand:

  • An ingredient or a product application from a region of the world
  • A heritage story
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions
  • Fun and shareable products
  • Travel friendly

Discover now the formulas on Univar's expanded website or join the team at Cosmetorium (Barcelona), Sepawa (Berlin, Making Cosmetics (Milan) or SCS Formulate (Coventry) for a live demonstration.

Can’t attend the events and would like a presentation? Email Azelis at [email protected]

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