Several changes to UK team

Aston Chemicals has announced that Tom Hitch has been promoted to the position of European sales and strategy manager, Justyna Pniewska has been promoted to become Polish sales manager, and Julia Bourne has been promoted to the role of supplier and business development manager.

Gemma Forman has also been promoted to the position of sales administration manager.
The Aston Supply Chain team have also been recognised in several promotions – Emma Morrison is now senior supply chain co-ordinator, Scott Chandler is now senior costing supply chain coordinator, Mark Stephenson is now senior sales supply chain coordinator and Jenny Jones is now senior purchasing and inventory coordinator.

Aston has also strengthened its UK team with the addition of Chloe Rose to the Compliance department, Gareth Wynn to the UK Sales team, Damian Kwasniewski to the Polish Sales team, and Anjelika Cox to the UK Sales Administration team.