DSM launches new guide to its natural, organic and sustainable beauty ingredients

Natural ingredients and green credentials are now a priority for many facial skincare users. According to a Mintel study, half of UK consumers who purchased beauty products in the last year sought products made with natural ingredients.

A third of consumers using facial skincare products in the US purchased products with natural ingredients; this figure jumps to nearly half when focusing solely on younger consumers (aged 18–34). And in China, 45% of female consumers using facial skin care products plan to use products derived from natural ingredients or botanical extracts to improve their skin*.

Consumers seek clarity
An infographic, based on feedback from social media influencers with whom we engage, clearly shows that five key behaviours and beliefs inspire consumer expectations in respect of natural and organic, naturally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients. People today are evidently paying much closer attention to where ingredients come from and how they are processed. They expect ethical and sustainable practices from manufacturers, are wary of misleading claims and want reliable and transparent labelling to aid their decision making.  With technology providing instant access to information beyond the product label, consumer demands for more transparency on green claims, ingredients, and processes will continue to rise. Clear, easy-to-understand definitions of terms such as “natural” and “organic” would go a long way towards meeting their expectations. 

Naturals labelling made simple
In line with its long-term commitment to transparency, DSM has reviewed its entire personal care range according to well-known certifications such as COSMOS and NATRUE, and the recently introduced ISO 16128 standard on definitions for natural ingredients. The company has then used this information to develop a new icon system for its broad Naturals portfolio. DSM’s House of Naturals serves as an easy-to-use navigation aid and provides customers with clarity about the degree of natural origin in different ingredients and production processes. It also includes guidance on certifications and regulations for natural products.

DSM – reassuringly natural 
The DSM House of Naturals contains a broad range of personal care ingredients consisting of more than 55 products in total. It also demonstrates how DSM masters key production processes, including extraction and Green Biotechnology to deliver sustainable, transparent and safe raw ingredients. The efficacy substantiation for our natural ingredients meets the same standard as that of our synthetic ingredients, guaranteeing high efficacy on top of naturalness. DSM’s natural ingredients are certified at various levels, from Organic to ISO 16128, and originate from a wide range of raw materials including edible vegetables, herbs, oils, marine/algae, silk and milk yeast/fermentation and minerals. Its personal care portfolio boasts:
•             More than 55 ingredients of natural origin (including Natural and Organic products)
•             78 products of natural origin* (60% of DSM’sportfolio)
•             80% of skin care actives with a natural origin content above 90%.