All-natural raw material for skin and hair cleansing

Evonik has launched Rheance Glycolipids, a new range of all-natural ingredients for the Personal Care industry at in-cosmetics 2018.

Rheance Glycolipids combine both excellent skin mildness and powerful cleansing, with  eco-friendliness. Using a revolutionary bioprocess, Evonik's Glycolipids are derived entirely from sugars, avoiding the use of critical resources such as tropical oils.

“Naturalness and sustainability are very popular topics with today's cosmetics consumers and consequently, with cosmetics manufacturers as well as they look to develop products that meet the growing consumer requirement. Until now, the use of natural raw materials often goes hand in hand with compromises in performance. However, with Rheance One, we now have a powerful cleansing ingredient in our portfolio, which is not only 100 percent based on renewable raw materials, but is also manufactured using a totally natural fermentation process,” explains Dr Tammo Boinowitz, the head of Evonik's Personal Care Business Line.

As the first product from Evonik's new class of Glycolipids, Rheance One provides gentle yet effective cleansing in skin, hair and oral care products, and is perfectly suited for even the most demanding skin types. The nature-identical Glycolipids delight the consumers with a dense and creamy foam, leaving behind a pleasant, natural skin feel. Furthermore, they are able to solubilise fragrances and essential oils with remarkable efficiency. 


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