An Outlook on Sensory Enhancing Silicones for 2012

In April of last year, Basildon Chemicals was purchased by the rapidly growing KCC Corporation and is now a wholly owned subsidiary.

One year on, this partnership is continuing to grow and strengthen, as are the impressive plans for the year ahead. The KCC Corporation employs over 4,600 people with a turnover for 2011 of USD $3 billion for its operations in Korea alone.

Globally for 2012, the KCC Corporation and Basildon Chemicals are able to offer their combined range of products through a network of knowledgeable cosmetics focused distributors. With both basic and modified fluids, gums and a variety of other silicone chemistries being produced by KCC, and a variety of emulsions and specialities made by Basildon Chemicals in the UK: thepartnership is able to offer the silicones needed by the personal care market of today.

Replacing Cyclopentasiloxane (D5)

The discussion on this key cosmetic solvent is likely to continue for a significant amount of time yet, however initial rulings from the Report of The Board of Review for Decamethylcyclopentasiloxne (Siloxane D5) in Ottowa, Ontario on 20 October last year have remarked: “based on the information before it, the projected future uses of Siloxane D5 will not pose a danger to the environment.”

Encouraging news as this may be for the future of this essential cosmetic raw material, there is still some demand from formulators to discover a high performance alternative to this ingredient. Basildon Chemicals’ answer to these demands can be seen in such elegant products as BC 2647, a blended combination of silicone gum in our D5 replacement.

Finding a replacement for D5 is not easy. Many equivalent organic compounds are flammable, with most classed as VOCs. Many natural compounds lack the soft silky feel of D5 or lack the exact evaporation profile necessary for use. In addition to these factors, prices are often as much as five times higher than that of D5. The Basildon D5 alternative is a low molecular weight dimethicone that is not classed as a VOC, has the silky feel of D5, and with cost being low relative to the other alternatives on the market. BC 2647 launched last year and is now available through the company’s European distribution channels.

Damaged Hair – Make it Look Glorious with BC 2262

Basildon Chemicals has a long history of excellence in the manufacture of silicone emulsions, and this product is a prime example of this pedigree coming to the fore. BC 2262 is a clear micro co-emulsion of shine boosting phenyltrimethicone and the cationic polymer, silicone quaternium-17. The combination of these two silicones offers excellent deposition of the phenyltrimethicone to the hair, enhancing gloss and adding softness to the abraded hair cuticle, while the silicone quaternium offers excellent conditioning of damaged dry and coloured hair. These effects can be seen at addition levels of between 1.5 – 4% to clear shampoo and intense conditioner formulations.

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