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The TroyCare™ portfolio of advanced antimicrobials for personal care products offers unique performance, safety, environmental, and cost-in-use benefits. Incorporating the leading antifungal and antibacterial technologies available, TroyCare™ antimicrobials enhance the value of a wide scope of personal care and cosmetics products, including creams and lotions, body washes, gels, shampoo, mascara, eyeliner, personal care wipes, and more. Backed by Troy’s expert technical service capabilities, TroyCare™ enables manufacturers to reach demanding performance and cost objectives. 

The TroyCare™ FE-series of customized broad-spectrum preservative blends are offer personal care formulators the optimum levels of bactericide and fungicide for their formulations, yielding the lowest total preservative cost

Advanced TroyCare™ antifungal preservatives based on IPBC, the leading antifungal technology available, are at the forefront of parabens replacement globally, offering longer-lasting performance, safe use advantages, and lower cost-in-use. TroyCare™ IPBC technology, which is 45% naturally derived, made from renewable resources, and readily biodegradable, is effective against a wide range of fungi, making it the premier alternative to parabens in numerous applications.

Troy Corporation, a leading company worldwide in microbial control for more than 70 years, is known for its preservatives (Polyphase®, Troysan®, & Mergal®) and for its invention of IPBC, which has been supplied to the cosmetics and personal care industry for over 30 years. Troy has the materials and expertise to ensure antimicrobial protection for personal care products and manufacturing processes.