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Capitalizing on more than 20 years of experience and great wealthy of Chinese plant resources (i.e Pineaceae, Mytaceae and Cupressaceae), Foreverest provides efficient, healthy, and eco-friendly products for global markets, including Rosin & Turpentine derivatives, Natural extract & synthetic aroma Chemicals. A thorough know-how of plant based chemistry, which has acquired considerable experience in pine chemistry, we offer professional solutions to customized requirements for aroma and pine chemicals, including OEM, custom formulation, QA and logistics.


Foreverest®rosin resins are based on gum rosin, a natural, renewable Chinese resource which provides adhesion in cosmetic and personal care applications. Resins are used in color cosmetic, depilatory wax, lipstick and others lip care products. Specifically, liquid resins can also be used as plasticizers and fragrance fixatives. Foreverest® MHR155 (CAS 8050-15-5), which is equated with FORALYN 5020 F, HERCOLYN D and HYDROGRAL® M, can provide a plasticizing effect in combination with solid resins. With its excellent solubility and compatibility with nonpolar and many polar ingredients in cosmetic applications, it is particularly useful as a fragrance fixative, contributing both adhesion and gloss.

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BIO BASED MATERIALS FROM RENEWABLE RESOURCES- Natural extract & Synthetic Aroma chemical

To enhance the quality of your fragrance compositions, we provide you with the best of what nature has to offer i.e Mono Terpenes, Terpene Alcohol. Natural extracts have been used for a long time as fragrances and flavoring agents in commercial preparations (i.e personal care, food), which offers green, woody, spicy, flora characters on fragrance formulations, create natural and clear senses for end users.  

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While the rising demand for natural products resulted in a severe shortage of natural resources, bio-synthesis aroma chemicals becoming another market we focusing on.  

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Foreverest also offers a possibility for customized extraction. If you are looking for active ingredients of a unique composition for specific benefits, Foreverest has the solution.

Free your mind and create more miraculous product.

People around the world are sincerely invited to establish longstanding relationship with us, it is convinced that mutual benefits would be achieved through our joint efforts


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Cleaning and Sanitation Fragrances Polymers
Cleaning Detergents Hair colour intermediates Skin Care
Colour - Hair Hair Styling Solvents
Conditioning Hand/Foot Care Specialty Chemicals
Essential Oils Lip Care Surfactants
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