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Floratech provides innovative botanical ingredients to formulators of stable, functional and quality cosmetic and personal care products worldwide.

Floratech has grown naturally from the ground up. We started with a small jojoba oil mill in the Sonoran Desert. Over the past 40 years we have grown into a modern botanical derivative research and manufacturing center. Our Chandler, Arizona headquarters houses a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, quality and R&D laboratory, distribution warehouse, and Consumer Testing Laboratory (CTL) which conducts claim substantiation and evaluates the efficacy of Floratech ingredients and products.

Floratech isn't going green - we were born green. As the world's first supplier of biodegradable, natural wax exfoliating beads, Floratech offers a variety of biodegradable options for microplastic free exfoliation products.

Floratech Particles

Florabeads® and newly developed Ecobeads® are botanical scrubbing beads made of biodegradable, natural wax, and provide gentle yet effective exfoliation. Ecobeads and Florabeads are proven biodegradable by independent studies and are available in a wide array of standard colors.

Specialty particles, Florasomes® & Floraspheres® are soft monosized spheres of jojoba esters which deliver jojoba emolliency and product decoration. Florasomes also deliver active ingredients such as vitamins, fragrances, pigments and enzymes (or your custom active) directly to the skin. These specialty particles have customizable features including color, size and playtime.

Botanical Esters & Emollients

Floratech offers innovative oil-free jojoba esters, jojoba derivatives, macadamia oil and derivatives, stabilized high-oleic sunflower seed oil, and specialty particles for use in product categories which include: skin care, lip care, nail care, hair care and sun care, in addition to color cosmetics, fragrances, and body wash products.

Our catalog of ingredients includes unique and botanically-derived products that provide solutions for the varied needs of formulators and are marketed under the following trade names:

Particles - Ecobeads®, Florabeads®, Florapearls®, Florasomes®, Floraspheres®, Metabeads®, Parabeads® Metapearls®, Metasomes® and Metaspheres®

Botanical Emollients - Floraesters®, Floramac®, Floralipids®, and Florasun®


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Formulators who wish to directly access the FloraTech ingredient data base by lot number, use our iLabel application directly below.

Direct Access To The FloraTech
Ingredient Database by Lot Number


Abrasives Exfoliants Naturals
Acne/Blackhead Removal Exotic Butters Pigments/colours
Anti-Ageing Eyes Powder
Antibacterials Facial Shampoo
Baby Care Products Facial Cleansing Shaving Products
Body Cleansing Facial Moisturising Skin Care
Botanicals Foundation Soaps/Syndets
Butters Fragrances Sun Care Products
Cleansing Bars Hair Styling Sunscreens
Conditioning Hand/Foot Care Surfactants
Deodorant/AP Lip Care Thickeners
Emollients Nails Waxes

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